The Nintendo eShop is glitchy on Christmas morning

The Nintendo eShop is closed on Christmas morning

The Nintendo Switch showcase is late this Christmas morning. Many gamers are waking up today to start enjoying their brand new Switch consoles. Unfortunately, they will run into a problem that Switch users experience almost every year. Basically, the eShop is down.

Players must log in to Nintendo eShop to make purchases or download new games. Unfortunately, however, they got errors every time they tried to connect this morning. This problem has been going on for hours already. They will get error code 2811-7429. The message will just stare at them as they try to load the store.

We are currently experiencing difficulties with our network servicesthe Nintendo status page is displayed. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause..”

At this point, Nintendo eShop customers will just have to wait for the developers to fix the problem. The rush for servers every Christmas season is nothing new. Developers are probably already aware of this annual issue, but it still happens year after year.

This issue shouldn’t be too bothersome though. Switch users can still boot up their devices and play the games they already have. They just can’t buy new games or download new DLC, but anyway. Also, they will not be able to redeem gift cards. This will be a huge disappointment for those who received gift cards for Christmas.

Switching users who got physical copies of the game will be fine too. After all, they don’t need to access the Nintendo eShop to start their new title.

At the moment, it doesn’t appear that the Switch’s rival platforms are experiencing any Christmas outages. Since few PS5 and Xbox Series X units are available, there might not be a big rush on their online services.

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Timothy C. Mayo