Top 10 Nintendo Games of All Time

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles, competing with Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Nintendo has some of the most classic IPs and those franchises have had titles in Switch as well. Also, Switch has some phenomenal games that could provide the perfect gaming experience.


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In this article, let’s find out the Top 10 Switch games of all time.

10. Hollow Knight and Ori


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Metroid Vania games like Hollow Knight and Ori are some of the best games in the genre. For gamers who are fans of fighting games, Hollow Knight is just one exciting game to watch. The game has a somewhat dark and dark theme which is more like a Metroid Vania style from the Dark Souls game. The game has a good risk factor in its gameplay and carefully crafted boss encounters that are sure to thrill players.

Ori and The Will are primarily focused on platforming and stand against some of the best platforming in the gaming industry. Boss sequences test players’ platforming skills and will definitely be worth the experience of game. The game has stunning visuals, an emotionally engaging story and a beautiful game environment.

9. Hades

Hades has won several awards on game shows and these stats prove why it is considered one of the best games out there. Although the game may seem quite infuriating to play in hindsight, it provides players with experience to guide their skills through gameplay. Hades allows players to invest over 50-70 hours of gameplay and engage with its incredible narrative of phenomenal depth. The game is worth spending hours on it and a sure hit with players in the community.

8. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing has become a global phenomenon since its initial release and has taken the world by storm. The game is subject to several internet memes and is known for its cute and wholesome environment. On that note, the latest installment in the franchise – New Horizon, is sure to take one of the top spots within Switch Games. ACNH has sold 30 million copies worldwide, which is absolutely phenomenal. The gameplay is quite relaxing as players can create their ideal paradise. The social simulator has many villagers who become fan favorites within the community.

7. Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo

In recent years, Monster Hunter has gained popularity due to the introduction of the Monster Hunter world. Nintendo consoles had missed the Monster Hunter experience until The Rise of Monster Hunter was specifically developed and optimized for Nintendo Switch. Capcom did a great job making it for the Switch. The game looks phenomenal in both handheld and TV mode and has an excellent art style that meets the demands of a Switch game. The game has unique monsters and versatility that promises good gaming experience for players.

6. Pokemon franchise for Nintendo Switch

It’s no surprise that the Pokemon franchise has always held its mark for Nintendo consoles. Pokemon played a crucial role in Nintendo’s rise to fame and continue to do so with their titles for the Switch. The Switch has a good library of Pokemon franchise games and Pokemon Sword and Shield is one of the must-have games on Switch consoles. Games like Pokemon Let’s go and Pokemon Snap are also recommended for Switch.

5. Metroid Dread

It’s impossible to end this list without mentioning Metroid Dread. Players take on the role of Samus who returns to a dangerous planet and battles various elements of that environment. The game sets a benchmark for fighting games and has become a cult classic among Nintendo Switch owners.

4.Mario Kart

Regardless of being a gamer, every person loves certain games that end up becoming household names. Mario Kart is a perfect family game where players can choose from several Mario universe characters and race on the in game tracks. The game features stunning 3D visuals and interesting gameplay which makes it an amazing party game that can be played for fun.

3. 2D and 3D Mario Games

Mario games such as Mario Odyssey and Mario Bowser are best played on Switch due to their combination of a perfect balance of game levels and elements from previous Mario games. Mario games are a phenomenon across the globe and that definitely puts them in the top 3 spots on this list.

2. Ultimate Smash

Smash Ultimate provides the best Nintendo experience for gamers, allowing them to choose their favorite characters from popular franchises. Players can embody any of the Final Fantasy or Street Fighter characters. The game is incredibly fun for combat fans and is a great party game to play with friends.

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The Legend of Zelda is a cult classic and the Zelda for Switch is another amazing game to play. 3D Zelda games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Zelda: Skyward Sword provide an immersive gaming experience for gamers and allow them great freedom to explore the open world in the gameplay. Definitely, something from Zelda and nintendo fans would like to explore!


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Which Nintendo Switch game is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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Timothy C. Mayo