The original Super Smash Bros. bosses. should have more play in nintendo games

Super Smash Bros Ultimate officially ended its post-launch support after three years. Series Creator Masahiro Sakurai Says There Are No Plans For A New One Smash Bros. to follow, and for now it makes a lot of sense. It would be hard for Nintendo to top a massive cross-play with 89 playable fighters, plus a massive roster of side scenes, music, and activities; especially since the Switch might not be replaced any time soon.

That being said, it seems inevitable that Nintendo will follow Super Smash Bros Ultimate with something, even if Sakurai isn’t involved. The franchise has long been one of its best sellers and an easy hype generator thanks to the prospect of new fighters. Nintendo could shake things up with something like a traditional fighting game over another Smash Bros., but even if it moves on the original characters and bosses introduced over its 22 years shouldn’t go away.


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Super Smash Bros. bosses

super smash bros galeem ultimate

The main attraction for Super Smash Bros. has always been its endless potential as a crossover platform fighter dating back to the simple days of Mario, Link, Samus Aran and Pikachu battling on the Nintendo 64. Smash Bros. has grown from a celebration of Nintendo to the entire video game industry, featuring characters ranging from Sonic the Hedgehog to Cloud, and MinecraftIt’s Steve to Sora.

Character matchups in casual and competitive games are always fun to watch, but one thing that makes Smash Bros. games with story campaigns stand out is that bosses from various titles also appear. In Fight and Ultimate, players can take on titanic foes from Nintendo and third-party developers; these include Rayquaza (Pokemon), Porky Minch (Mother), Riley (metroid), Marx (Kirby), Dracula (Castlevania), and a Rathalos (monster hunter). However, fans will also recognize many of the original characters.

In 1999 Super Smash Bros., players faced Master Hand at the end of a 1P game. This simple gloved hand originally depicted a child playing with his toys, fitting in with the aesthetic of Nintendo models coming to life. However, he has since become a fixture in the franchise alongside Crazy Hand, introduced in Melee on smash-exclusive Giga Bowser. Smash 4 (on Wii U and 3DS) introduced a new variation on Master Hand with the malleable Master Core, which can become anything from sentient swords to an entire platforming fortress.

FightThe Subspace Emissary had a much deeper mythology of its own, with Tabuu being its main antagonist in command of various villains trying to hang around Smash Bros. worlds in his subspace realm. Under his command were aforementioned Nintendo enemies like Ridley, as well as unique characters Galleom and Duon. Ultimate‘s World of Light had less of an overarching narrative, but it centered on the conflicted antagonists Galeem and Dharkon leading the armies of Master and Crazy Hands respectively.

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How original content from Smash Bros. can see new life

Ganondorf and Bowser in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Although the original characters will be referenced in the future Super Smash Bros. games, with Galleom returning as a boss and Tabuu as a spirit in Ultimate‘s World of Light, most of them exist in their own bubble and have not returned in any substantial capacity. It’s a shame given how attached many fans have become to characters like Tabuu despite their little screen time. Although it is Nintendo’s responsibility to continue to innovate so that every smash The game has its own personality, precedent has already been set for the franchise’s original characters to appear elsewhere.

Kirby and the Incredible Mirror for Game Boy Advance features Master Hand and Crazy Hand as the bosses guarding the Mirror Fragment at the end of Candy Constellation. However, Master Hand also appears as a mini-boss throughout the game, with Kirby able to gain a “Smash” ability mimicking his Super Smash Bros. moveset if he sucks up the Omnipotent Glove. Given Kirby is another series created by Sakurai, this crossover makes sense, but it opens up the possibility of doing more down the line.

Whether original Smash Bros. the characters appear in the next Kirby and the Forgotten Land or other Nintendo franchises have yet to be seen. It’s unlikely, but something that would excite many longtime fans. Smash Bros. will continue to thrive via events like a series of official tournaments hosted by Nintendo and Panda Global, leaving the brand open to potential experiments. More platform fighters like MultiVersus and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl come to fill the void, then Smash Bros. should consider doing more with the universes that make its games unique.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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