The next Nintendo games that will surprise all Switch players [2022]

The next Nintendo games that will surprise all Switch players [2022]

Over the past few years, Nintendo Switch games have been impressive. From the “Mario” series to “The Pokemon” franchise, exclusive titles have shown many improvements in their designs, gameplay, graphics, and stories.

In 2022, many video games have already arrived on the platform, but more are expected to arrive later. With the potential Nintendo Direct event possibly kicking off on June 29, we could see another wave of new games coming to Switch.

Here is the list of some of the most anticipated Switch games that are coming soon.

Upcoming titles on Nintendo Switch

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Here are some of the upcoming Switch games you should look out for in the coming months.


Annapurna Interactive has already teased its upcoming sci-fi video game on YouTube. “Cocoon” should surprise many sci-fi fans who enjoy solving puzzles and exploring mysterious tales.

The game was mentioned during the latest Xbox and Bethesda games showcase. This game consists of endless roaming in different locations from the perspective of a bug.

According Essentially Sporty“Cocoon” is expected to come to Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch next year.

“The Brave Squire”

If you like the aesthetics of 2D and 3D animation, “The Brave Squire” is the ideal game that you must play soon. This action-adventure title is all about the protagonist Plucky who is currently diving into a bizarre world so alien to him.

It looks like a children’s fairy tale at first sight because there are so many fairy tale characters you can see here. Switching kingdoms and rescuing your friends are both fun in “The Plucky Squire”.

The game will be available on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC in 2023.


“Melatonin” will make you travel towards the strangeness and the reality. This title based on the rhythm will allow you to pass from one world to another, which in this is reality and dream.

The art style is simply mesmerizing, as well as the challenges you’ll encounter in-game. “Melatonin” is coming to Switch and Steam on September 16th.

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‘Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core-Reunion’

If there are the happiest fans in the world who will be celebrating the upcoming Switch games, it’s the hardcore “Final Fantasy” gamers.

As Square Enix has stated that the next “FFVII” remake will be coming to Switch in late 2022, some fans couldn’t contain their excitement for this prequel. The company unveiled the “Crisis Core-Reunion” during its 25th anniversary celebration. It’s a clear reminder that the country’s most anticipated RPG is coming soon.

“Minecraft Legends”

Mojang Studios brings “Minecraft Legends” to Nintendo Switch and three other platforms this time. This title features a rich encounter with Piglins, and your mission is to strategize to protect the kingdom from intruders.

The brand new game is all about strategic combat. You must protect Overworld at all costs by training smartly and leading your allies to victory.

As of this writing, Mojang has yet to announce an exact release date for this game, but it will roll out in 2023.

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