The 10 best pairs in Nintendo games

There are many games and universes in Nintendo’s long and illustrious history and they are home to many famous characters known to generations of gamers. Some characters are even in romantic relationships central to the worlds and stories of their games.

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Some of the most memorable couples from Nintendo’s pantheon will be honored in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. While some couples show their bond more than others, there’s no denying that fate (and the creative minds of Nintendo developers) brought them together.

Donkey Kong and Candy Kong (Land of Donkey Kong)

Split image of Donkey Kong and Candy Kong from Donkey Kong country

When donkey kong country, highly ranked among the series, has been released, new characters such as Diddy Kong have been created to join DK in this new adventure. Another newcomer was Candy Kong, DK’s love interest. His primary role was to operate the station for players to record their progress and his later appearances in the series were along the same lines of being a supporting character.


While the games never solidified their relationship, there are a few hints scattered throughout the franchise. Various textbooks mentioned their mutual affection, and DK’s house in the early games had Candy’s picture on the walls. The most overt display of their relationship was in the CGI donkey kong country cartoon, where the two were actively dating and going through ups and downs in their relationship.

Fox and Krystal (Star Fox)

Split image of Fox and Krystal from Star Fox

When star fox returned to the Gamecube, it was first through the Action-Adventure title Star Fox Adventures. This game marked Krystal’s first appearance from the planet Cerenia, and she is rescued and later joins the Star Fox team. She appeared later in Star Fox: Assault and Star Fox: command before she disappeared from the franchise after the reboot game Star Fox: Zero.

Krystal’s disappearance couldn’t have come at a worse time, given the premise of Order. Despite their mutual affection, Fox kicked Krystal out for her safety, resulting in her joining the Star Wolf team instead. Included between Ordered branching story and Zero low rating on sites like Metacritic, the future is uncertain for the star fox franchise and Krystal’s relationship with Fox.

Ness and Paula (EarthBound/Mother)

Split image of Ness and Paula from EarthBound

Inside Nintendo’s hit RPG Earthbound, the first to join protagonist Ness’ party is Paula from the town of Twoson. She is rescued by Ness early in the game and is armed with a frying pan and powerful PSI abilities. These abilities are key to defeating the main villain, the Lovecraftian entity called Giygas.

Sadly, the pair never became an official couple in the story, but many characters point out how their interactions suggest they’re more than friends. Whether it was Jeff or Ness’ mother, it was obvious that Ness and Paula shared a special bond. The biggest clue was when an NPC mentioned that Ness had lipstick on her cheek at the end of the match.

Shulk and Fiora (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Split image of Shulk and Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles

Originally released on Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles had seven main characters, such as the protagonist Shulk and his friend Fiora. Shulk and Fiora have known each other since childhood and their affection for each other is well known. Fiora is a fast and agile fighter who relies on knives and plays a prominent role in the Shulk storyline and the game as a whole.

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Fiora’s apparent disappearance at first is the catalyst for Shulk to find and defeat the Metal Face. In reality, her body was taken and controlled but she was trapped in her own mind. It was his feelings for Shulk that allowed him to regain some control and ultimately free her from the enemy.

Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country)

Split image of Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong in Mario Kart Tour of Donkey Kong Country

In Diddy’s Kong Questthe follow-up of donkey kong country, Diddy took center stage after DK was kidnapped. The partner character is his girlfriend, Dixie Kong, who can float through the air with her ponytail. She’s not as fast as Diddy, but her floating abilities make her perfect for the game’s tricky platform.

Unlike DK and Candy, the series established that Diddy and Dixie are with the original game manual. Diddy even feared for his safety at the start of their adventure, but Dixie was determined to come save DK. The CGI cartoon also took the games relationship and was allowed to explore it in ways the games couldn’t.

Cyrus and Reese (Animal Crossing)

Split image of Cyrus and Reese from Animal Crossing

All animal crossing the game introduces new non-playable characters for the stores, and new sheet on the 3DS was no exception. Cyrus and Reese are a married couple of alpacas in charge of Re-Tail stores, with Cyrus working on furniture and Reese looking after regular items.

Cyrus and Reese’s love and marriage are important aspects of their characters. They love each other so much that they warn the player, based on their gender, not to attempt any fun romantic affairs. The alpaca couple is even at the forefront of the New Horizons Wedding season event, where the player takes photos celebrating their wedding and adds fun to the best game of the animal crossing series.

Nintendo and Ana (EarthBound/Mother)

Split image of Nintendo and Ana from EarthBound

Western audiences haven’t officially played the 1989 original Mother until its release on Wii U as EarthBound Beginnings in 2015. However, the game is quite similar to Earthbound, right down to the dynamics of the main character and female member of the party. The protagonist, Ninten, meets a girl named Ana who also fights with a frying pan and has powerful PSI abilities.

Ninten and Ana are more fleshed out than Ness and Paula. Towards the end of the game, their friend Teddy gives them some alone time and the two kids share a personal dance. Ana asks Ninten if he loves her, and if the player says yes, Ana is overjoyed and shares how she fell in love with Ninten at first sight.

Mario and Peach (Super Mario Bros.)

Split image of Mario with a Nintendo Switch and Peach with his umbrella from Super Mario Bros

Nintendo’s iconic mascot and princess have been together since 1985. The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom has never skipped any major milestones. mario game, either as a playable character or in need of rescue. She even had the honor of being the headliner of her own game, Super Princess Peach.

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Since Super Mario WorldPeach always rewarded Mario with a kiss, and that eventually extended to games such as Mario Power Tennis and Super Mario Odyssey, suggesting even more. At the same time, however, Odyssey was also the closest time Mario proposed marriage to Peach, only to be rejected. Time will tell if Mario and Peach will officially marry.

Luigi and Daisy (Super Mario Bros.)

Split image of Luigi and Daisy from Super Mario Bros.

Daisy was created for the Game Boy launch title Super Mario Land, but she was originally a stand-in for Peach. The first time the Princess of Sarasaland was paired with Mario’s younger brother was in NES Open Tournament Golfwith Daisy as Luigi’s caddy on the title screen.

Although their relationship never solidified, the overt teasing is so frequent that they might as well be officially together. Some examples include statues in Mario Kart Wii and in particular the animation of figure skating Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Daisy is one of the best spin-off characters, but she can definitely shine more in a full Mario game with Luigi.

Link and Zelda (The Legend of Zelda)

Split image of Link and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

Whether they’re blazing trails, heading for the skies, or breathing wild air, the fates of Link the Chosen Hero and Princess Zelda are forever intertwined. Although not all versions are available The Legend of Zelda have been in a romantic relationship, all have shown some affection towards each other.

Spiritual tracks, sword to the skyand breath of the wild are some of the clearest examples of the two showing mutual affection. It is very appropriate that skyward sword, chronologically the very first game, portrayed the pair in this manner as if to set the stage for their future incarnations. There will always be a Link and Zelda as long as there is a Ganon threatening Hyrule.

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