The 10 best Nintendo games released in 2022

Just a few months into 2022, Nintendo has already released several amazing games that are delighting their fan base. But what makes things even more exciting is that they’ve only just begun. This year has the most stacked list of potentially amazing games for Nintendo since the Nintendo Switch’s first year.

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Fans who were disappointed with what Nintendo had to offer in 2021 will definitely want to pay attention to this year’s game offering. There’s something for almost everyone, from sports fans to lovers of action-adventure titles. And all this without Nintendo showing up with more surprises later this summer.

ten Pokémon Legends Arceus gives the franchise a much-needed refresh

Although fans were initially concerned about this game after realizing it was wrong exactly be the open-world game they were looking for, Pokemon Legends: Arceus was always a big hit. The last Pokemon The game took place during an earlier part of Pokémon history where the protagonists are tasked with exploring the Hisui region as members of the Galaxy Expedition Investigation Corps. A new twist on the familiar franchise, it felt like Nintendo was making a version of monster hunter Going through Pokemon. Six and a half million copies sold later, hard to say it didn’t work.

9 Kirby and the Forgotten Land takes the Kirby Mainline series to a new dimension

Surprisingly, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the first time that a main line Kirby title was never done in 3D. It’s a beautiful title, featuring Kirby exploring an eerily familiar wasteland known as Forgotten Land. There he will rescue the adorable Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack. The biggest change for this game is Kirby’s Mouthful mode, which works similarly to Mario’s hat in Mario Odyssey. Kirby can partially inhale objects to grant himself special abilities.

Believe it or not, more than a decade has passed since the last Mario Strikers Title. But with Mario Golf and Mario Tennis aside, it’s time for Nintendo’s best mascot to make a return to association football. This time, Mario Strikers will offer a variety of different modes for players looking to dive deep into football, the Nintendo way. Players will not only be able to customize their characters, but will also have access to unique special moves that are worth two points if they can score a point.

seven Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope teams up with Mario and The Rabbids Crew for a journey into space

the original Mario + Rabbids was a surprising hit from Ubisoft, showing once again that Mario can work in any genre. The sequel seeks to take Mario and the Rabbids to different worlds as they do battle against the enemy known as Cursa.

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As they travel to different worlds, Mario and the others will rescue beings known as Sparks, who can grant them additional abilities that will be usable in battle. People who loved the original game should be careful though, as this time around the grid-based tactical RPG combat has been replaced with more freedom of movement.

6 Splatoon 3 places players in the wastelands of Splatlands

The Splatoon The franchise was a surprise hit on the Wii U, and it continued its success with Splaton 2 in the first year of the Switch. Splaton 3 takes players to the Splatlands, a harsh and unforgiving wasteland where Inklings and Octolings clash in their turf war. Once again there is a story mode where players can work with Agent 3 to fight the Octarians and learn more about Splatoon‘s world, including mammals. There’s also a new co-op mode for players who want to battle salmonids with their friends.

5 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 continues the massive story of the Xenoblade world

Monolith Software has become one of the few major J-RPG developers in the industry thanks to Xenoblade Chronicles. Although fans had to originally organize for Nintendo to deliver the first game, the second was successful enough to warrant a franchise. This new game puts the player in the role of Noah and Mio as they face a potential war between two nations. While it’s unclear how this game connects to the first two titles, what is clear is that this will easily be one of this year’s biggest J-RPGs.

4 Fire Emblem Warriors 2: Three Hopes Gives Fans More Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem: Three Houses was one of Nintendo’s most successful games of 2019, both critically and commercially. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo has found a way to return to this universe with its next Fire Emblem Warriors Game. Edelgard, Claude and Dimitri will be the main protagonists of three hopes, the three protagonists dealing with the war that has broken out in the country of Fodlan. These Warrior games were quite successful for Nintendo and Koei-Tecmo as they were able to evolve the Musou genre through a different and newer IP.

3 Live A Live is a complete overhaul of an old Super Nintendo RPG

Not all big Nintendo games come from Nintendo. A number of major titles come from their partners, such as Square-Enix. Having already delivered the incredible Triangle StrategySquare is looking to double down with the release of live alive.

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Once an SNES-era Japan-exclusive title, live alive made its way to the United States. Now the game will have a new look in HD-2D style and allow players to experience seven different stories through time periods ranging from the distant past to the distant future.

2 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Sequel is one of the most anticipated games of all time

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was one of the best-received games of 2017 and a huge success for Nintendo. Without surprise, breath of the wildThe sequel to is one of the most anticipated games in the gaming community. At the moment not much is known about the game. There have been two brief trailers and technically the fans are not even aware of the Last name Again. But still, if it manages to significantly improve on the original, it will be one of the best-received games of the year. Currently, it is slated for release during the holiday season.

1 Pokémon Violet and Scarlet give fans another generation of Pokémon

With Pokemon Legends: Arceus fresh off the shelves, few people thought that the next generation of Pokemon would come out this year. But Pokemon Scarlet and Purple amazing look, introducing a new region that seems to be completely open in nature. Players will be able to choose between Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly to accompany them on another journey. Not much is known about this game, from how the open world works to how many Pokemon will be in this game. What is known is that the game will be released at the end of the year.

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