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TL; DR: On September 22, you can save 10% on Xbox and Nintendo eShop digital gift cards as part of Best Buy’s deal of the day.

With next-gen consoles and all sorts of new games set to debut before the holiday season, one thing is abundantly clear: this fall is going to be a good (but Dear) it’s time to be a gamer.

We doubt any of them will go on sale anytime soon, especially these consoles – it will take them months, if not years, to get a discount of any kind. But here’s a pro tip: there’s an easy way to save on big purchases like this, and that’s by paying with a gift card you’ve put up for sale.

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As fate would have it, Best Buy just released a few gaming gift cards as part of its September 22 Deal of the Day: Available in denominations of $5 to $100, you can save 10% off the Xbox digital gift and Nintendo eShop cards on its website – no coupon codes or special links required.

Here’s a quick rundown of the biggest Xbox and Nintendo releases planned for the next few months so you can plan your purchases wisely:



Hit the blue button below to grab one of these gift cards in advance, and remember: Best Buy’s offer ends Wednesday at midnight.

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