Older Nintendo Games That Are Still Overdue for a Switch Port

the nintendo switch has been a runaway success since its launch in early 2017. With the hybrid console recently surpassing 100 million in total sales, it shows no signs of slowing down and clearly has a lot more mileage left in its lifespan. Another standout aspect of the platform has been the attach rate for game sales with the console, with nearly every major release selling well on the Switch. Because of this, legacy content has found new life on the Switch, like many notable titles from the Wii-U era.


games like Bayonet 2 and The Wonderful 101 have made their way to the Nintendo Switch, and the added bonus of Nintendo Switch Online also grants access to a library of classic titles. As great as that was, there are still quite a few games missing from the Switch lineup, especially since it’s already been on the market for five years. From the GameCube to the Wii, here are some of the most notable games still missing in action on the Switch.


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Metroid Prime Trilogy


Although a packet containing the Metroid Prime The trilogy has been rumored for years, it has yet to be officially announced by Nintendo. Considered by many to be one of the best games in the entire franchise, the trilogy would be at home on Switch and help anticipate the eventual launch of Metroid Prime 4. Adding visual enhancements and customizing the controller to choose between traditional or motion would also be a nice touch.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker/Twilight Princess

zelda windwaker twilight princess switch collection

The Legend of Zelda the series has already had a ton of success on the Switch with breath of the wild and the remake for Link’s Awakening. Older games like Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask will now be available through the aforementioned Switch Online service, but it remains to be seen if GameCube titles will also be added in the future. Alternatively, a standalone version of The awakening of the wind and Twilight Princess would be more than welcome by fans. The Wii-U remasters for each game are already stunning, so just bring them in and the job is done.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

the Super Mario 3D – All Stars collection included classic Mario episodes from the N64, GameCube and Wii eras. However, even if super mario galaxy was included from the Wii, its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was strangely absent. Maybe Nintendo wanted to stick to one game per platform, but it’s just weird to omit the sequel when it was just as beloved as the first. If it is ever ported to Switch, a nice bonus would be to have it at a reduced cost for those who have already purchased it. Super Mario 3D – All Stars.

Paper Mario: The Millennium Gate

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The Nintendo Switch has its own dedicated paper mario exclusive with Paper Mario: The Origami King. The console also now has access to the original N64 that started it all thanks to its addition to Nintendo Switch Online. For gamers curious about the rest of the franchise, it would be in Nintendo’s interest to make the other entries available as well. The GameCube entrance, Paper Mario: The Millennium Gate, is often considered the best of the series, and it could gain a whole new following on the Switch’s huge userbase.

Luigi’s mansion

Cover of Luigis Mansion

Mario’s brother, Luigi, has also had his own solo adventures, notably in the Luigi’s mansion series. The original GameCube title won acclaim for its gameplay, music, and atmosphere, resulting in two sequels, the most recent being Luigi’s mansion 3 on Switch. The first game has technically already received a remake but was oddly made for the 3DS, even though the Switch had already been available for over a year by then. With a few graphical tweaks, it could easily make its way onto Nintendo’s current console.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

Alex looking aside holding a big gun in the basement in Eternal Darkness

Last but not least, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is a cult classic and often considered one of the best survival horror games of all time. Its smart gameplay innovated to mess with the player’s head, even going so far as to convince players that their copy of the game may be broken. The Nintendo Switch has been home to many series that may have initially flown under the radar, and for that reason, this title deserves a second hit on the Light switch.


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