Nintendo will change the name of the Nintendo eShop

According to some verbiage in a lawsuit filed by Nintendo, the name of the “Nintendo eShop” may change.

As creative as a company like Nintendo can be, not everything can be revolutionary or unique all the time. This is the case with Nintendo’s digital store, simply – but appropriately – called “Nintendo eShop”. However, according to some verbiage in an ongoing lawsuit filed by Nintendo, that may well change.

twitter user Spawn wave posted an image of a section of the lawsuit documents that read, “…Nintendo Switch Online shop (formerly Nintendo eShop)…”, indicating that a name change may be in the works for the online store.

The lawsuit itself is essentially a copyright infringement case with Nintendo of America seeking damages against a party that illegally modified the NES Classic Edition, while hacking and preloading a collection of “800+ games ” on the console.


Regarding the supposed name change, the full statement reads:

“Among NOA’s latest video game consoles is the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch users can purchase games either digitally from the official Nintendo Switch online store (formerly Nintendo eShop) or in physical copies on cartridges specially manufactured for use with the Nintendo Switch console.

The fact that the Nintendo eShop is referred to as its “old” name in a legal document is interesting, as it suggests that a name change has already been made. It would probably be considered a creative demotion if “Nintendo Switch Online shop” – as stated in the legal document – became the official name of the online store. Currently, the Nintendo Online Store URL takes visitors to the “Game Store” page, rather than an “eShop” branded page.

The timing of a potential name change would be equally intriguing, considering the Nintendo Switch’s online service went live in September. You’d think a Nintendo eShop renaming would have gone hand in hand with the release of Nintendo Switch Online.


Obviously, this is all based on assumptions, with no confirmation on whether or not a name change is coming for Nintendo’s digital store. It will be interesting to see if Nintendo releases anything official, or even addresses the rumor.

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