Nintendo games to justify buying the OLED Switch you want

The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model is the latest model of the Nintendo Switch and significantly improves many games in the console’s library. With rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro being constantly dashed, it looks like the OLED model is the most powerful Switch model Nintendo fans will be able to get their hands on for the foreseeable future. For fans who want to see if the upgrade is worth it, seeing some games that look better on the new hardware might be worth it.


The Nintendo Switch – OLED model was released on October 8, alongside Metroid Dread. The main selling point of the console is a new OLED display. The resolution is the same as the base model, but offers more vivid colors, making already colorful Nintendo games even more vibrant in handheld mode. In addition to the new screen, the new model also offers better battery life and an improved docking station with an Ethernet port to enhance online gaming or maximize the use of cloud versions of Switch games.

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More Nintendo Switch games are coming in August 2022 and beyond, each looking great on the upgraded OLED display. In particular, the rebel theme and vibrant color palette of the upcoming Persona 5 Royal will look fantastic on the Nintendo Switch OLED. However, even now, Nintendo has developed and released several games that have already been released and are perfect showcases for the new Switch model.

Metroid Dread looks great on the OLED display

Launch Metroid Dreadthe first 2D game of the metroid series since Fusion Metroid, alongside the OLED Nintendo Switch model, was a fantastic move by Nintendo. While the visuals aren’t too impressive in terms of fidelity, the game’s colors, especially the lights from Samus’ costume and the eye of the game’s menacing EMMI robots, look fantastic on the game’s enhanced screen. new model. Some 3D environments may look better in some games on the OLED screen, but there’s no denying that the characters and enemies in Fear look fantastic on the new screen.

In addition to looking great, Metroid Dread is among the best of 2021. Fear is able to attract newcomers with its accessible mechanics, while also being a nice return to 2D form for the series. While some of the shine is lost by successful indie emulations like hollow knight and Axiom Edge, Metroid Dread is still a fantastic game that will ensure that buying an OLED model is well worth the cost.

HD-2D RPGs are at home on the OLED model

Games with heavily stylized visuals and particle effects are some of the best games to play on the Switch’s new OLED display. Square Enix’s new trend of HD-2D games fits nicely into both camps. This style is now Square Enix’s benchmark for most Switch games, and for good reason. With gameplay inspired by old-school RPGs, this look that also evokes their visuals is a perfect fit.

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Currently, there are three such RPGs on the Nintendo Switch, all of which look fantastic on the OLED model. octopath traveler was the first, a classic turn-based RPG offering eight unique stories each self-contained. Octopath is out now on Xbox and PC, but the game started out as a Nintendo-published Switch exclusive. The next one is for 2022 Triangular strategy, which is similar in graphics but not in gameplay. Rather than classic RPG gameplay, Triangular strategy takes a more tactical route, aligning it closer to fire emblem Where Final Fantasy Tactics rather than more traditional gameplay featured in games like the dragon quest series. Triangular strategy was also released by Nintendo but is currently still exclusive to the Switch.

To finish, live alive is the newest HD-2D game on Switch. live alive is also notable for being the first game in the HD-2D style that is a remake instead of an original IP, and brought the once Japan-exclusive SNES RPG to North America for the very first time. This ambitious RPG combines old-school RPG tactics and gameplay, along with ambitious separate stories like Octopath. It won’t be the last time, however, because Dragon Quest 3 will receive the HD-2D treatment in the future to bring the game to modern platforms.

Tetris Effect On Switch OLED is the best way to experience a classic

Originally released as a launch title for the PlayStation VR, Tetris Effect: Connected has since made its way to almost every major platform, including Switch. At its core, of course, the gameplay is still Tetris. However, there’s more to this game than meets the eye, with fun modes like a single-player journey mode, 11 different effects modes, and even head-to-head modes to play with other players. locally and online.

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All of these modes feature great visuals alongside the classic Tetris playability. The stunning colors of these visuals are amplified even more when viewed on an OLED display, with the colors and contrasts popping out even more when viewed on a small screen with the high quality expected of OLED displays. Players need not even fear a lesser online multiplayer experience, as Tetris Effect: Connected supports cross-platform multiplayer for all platforms the puzzle game is released on.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land Is A Delight On Nintendo Switch – OLED Model

A series known for its cute and colorful visuals, it’s no surprise that the latest Kirby Game, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, is a perfect showcase for the screen of the new Switch. The characters look great on the new screen, with the pink puffball itself being particularly standout. The bosses in the game also look great. Additionally, the game’s 3D environments really pop on the OLED screen, whether players are in the overgrown cityscape of Natural Plains or soaking up the sun on the game’s aquatic world, Everbay Coast.

As well as stepping it up in the visual department, the new Kirby the game is overall a big evolution for the series. Bringing Kirby to 3D for the first time marks a big shift in ambition for the series, which was once known for releasing formulaic slices often without taking much risk. forgotten land marked a change for the better in that department, making this new entry in the Kirby franchise worth checking out for all Switch owners, but especially OLED Switch owners.

With so many Switch games still on the horizon, it can be hard to pick a few to pick up with a new Switch purchase. But for new OLED switch owners, Metroid Dread, Tetris Effect: Connected, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and HD-2D RPGs are the best choices for showing off the console’s enhanced display capabilities. All Switch games get a noticeable improvement over the new Nintendo Switch – OLED model system, but these six are the first games any new console owner should grab first.

Timothy C. Mayo