Nintendo games are currently on sale in the US for once

Screenshot: Nintendo

Nobody tells Doug Bowser, but GameStop actually has Nintendo games on sale for less than US$40 (A$55). Shocking, I know!

With the darkest ritual of American capitalism fast approaching, GameStop has released its Black Friday deals and they’re pretty damn good. There are discounted games on all platforms, but the store’s Switch selection is the real star, offering some of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen for first-party Nintendo games.

Nintendo is notoriously stingy when it comes to sales and price drops, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon still cost US$40 ($55) each for example – which they will likely stick around until the end of time. Even within their own digital marketplace, deep discounts are rare. Nintendo doesn’t really have the pressure to put its games on sale either. The company’s games and design philosophy are unique enough that it’s simply not viable for Microsoft or Sony to compete and so, due to the blind, invisible and decrepit hand of the market, prices remain stagnant.

If for some reason you haven’t played yet breath of the wild in the five years since its initial release, you can pick it up for a surprisingly low price of US$27 ($37), along with Mario’s latest 2D adventure New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxeoriginally released on WiiU, Rabbids Kingdom Battle Mario Pluswhich only costs $13 ($18), and half a dozen other games, including Xenoblade Chronicles which is currently in my basket or Paper Mario: The Origami King that I have heard of is excellent.

For those of you who disdain physical editions, you’ll be happy to know that digital versions of all of these games are also on sale for the same price as long as you give the money to GameStop and not Doug Bowser. Mr. Bowser will be fine though, I promise.

Timothy C. Mayo