Nintendo EShop is experiencing issues for some users

During Nintendo’s Black Friday digital sale event, it seems many users are having trouble accessing the Nintendo eShop.

For the past three days, Nintendo’s Black Friday sale has arrived, offering users deep discounts on a variety of different games. With so many great deals available on the Nintendo eShop, users flocked in for the chance to buy popular games at a discount. However, this appears to have caused technical issues in terms of the eShop itself, with several users unable to access the Nintendo eShop.

The Nintendo eShop Black Friday sale offers a cacophony of different discounted titles to choose from. With sales like this, it is typical for the eShop to gain a lot of traffic from different users around the world. However, too much traffic can also lead to a number of issues, including some users not being able to fully access the eShop.


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Several Nintendo users have taken to Twitter to express their irritation and issues accessing the eShop. Some have even gone so far as to say that the Nintendo eShop is entirely closed to them. Considering that massive offers are currently available through the store, such as a huge discount on the first three Loss games, to name just one example, it makes a lot of sense why so many people are looking to access the Nintendo eShop.

Hopefully this is just a temporary issue and things will start working again in a few days at the most. Of all the times this happened, the upcoming Black Friday weekend was probably the worst. However, what is interesting is the fact that other online game outlets don’t seem to have similar issues.

For example, the PlayStation Store doesn’t seem to have a problem, nor does it appear to be down. The same can also be said of the Xbox Store, and both currently have Black Friday sales running. However, this may be because Nintendo doesn’t usually run offers like this very frequently for popular titles.

Considering the sheer volume of games Nintendo currently has for sale on the eShop, it only makes sense that Switch users would want to capitalize on all the games on sale. games like Skyrim, Super Mario Party, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, to name a few others, all are heavily discounted on the eShop. Hopefully, the Nintendo eShop will be up and running for users very soon.

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