Monkey Island return price may have been leaked by Nintendo eShop listing

A new eShop listing may have accidentally revealed the price of Ron Gilbert’s upcoming point-and-click adventure game, Return to Monkey Island.

When series creator Ron Gilbert announced he was working on a new monkey island in early April, many fans assumed it was just an April Fool’s Day prank. In the days and weeks following the announcement, however, it soon became clear that Back to Monkey Island was anything but, with Gilbert partnering with publisher Devolver Digital to get the game into players’ hands at some point before the end of 2022.


With the game just months away, those same fans are eagerly awaiting more news, with many speculating that an official release date will be announced later this month when Back to Monkey Island will appear at Gamescom. In the meantime, however, it looks like someone at Nintendo has accidentally revealed another key piece of information about the upcoming title, with a recently added eShop listing appearing to show the game’s price.

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Those who type “Back to Monkey Island” in the Nintendo eShop search bar will show a price of $24.99, although it is not yet possible to pre-order the game. Interestingly, this price does not appear on the product page itself, which suggests that its inclusion on the search results page may well be unintentional, but there’s a good chance it’ll prove accurate, however, with Terrible Toybox’s previous game Park Thimbweek having also launched at a budget price.

If the list is correct, Back to Monkey Island would be the cheapest full monkey island game to date, with its predecessors all costing significantly more at launch. In fact, the original game cost $49.99 despite being released over three decades ago, which equates to over $110 after adjusting for inflation. Nevertheless, Back to Monkey Island may still be too expensive for monkey island protagonist Guybrush Threepwood, who once joked that you should “never pay more than $20 for a video game”.

As for what potential players can expect from Back to Monkey Island, Gilbert has so far kept his cards relatively close to his chest. Since the monkey island is considered by many to be one of the most influential point-and-click franchises of all time, to say that expectations for the game are quite high among members of the adventure game community would perhaps be an understatement.

Back to Monkey Island releases in 2022 on PC and Switch.

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Timothy C. Mayo