Horde of Nintendo games and collectibles sells for $20,000

After amassing an impressive collection of almost 1,000 different Nintendo games, consoles, accessories, and collectibles, a Wisconsin man sold them all for $20,000 cold hard cash.


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Charles Amble, 30, has found a buyer for his impressive collection of ABC Milwaukee subsidiary Nintendo goodies WISN reported Wednesday. Amble originally put the collection on eBay about a week earlier, asking for $29,900, but pulled it from the online market after receiving a cash offer of $20,000.

A wider shot of Amble’s collection.
Credit: charles amble/ebay

The buyer drove a van from Ohio to Milwaukee to pick up the collection, which included nearly 750 games from four different Nintendo consoles. There were 529 Nintendo Entertainment games, 90 Super NES games, 111 Nintendo 64 games and eight Game Boy games (all cataloged in this awesome spreadsheet).

To prove he wasn’t kidding, Amble created a photo gallery of his collection which you can check out here:

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amble said WISN he amassed his collection over 10 years, with most games coming from garage sales, thrift stores, and auctions for $1 to $10 apiece.

With $20,000 expenses burning a hole in his pocket, Amble plans to travel with his wife and considers buying a boat.

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Timothy C. Mayo