Get Nintendo eShop and Google Play gift cards 15% off at Coles from September 28

Starting this week on Wednesday, Coles will start selling Nintendo eShop and Google Play gift cards at a 15% discount. The sale covers all denominations and will last 7 days, until Tuesday October 4th. (Credits to

If it’s only 15% off, we could probably call that a “bargain”, however, given that Nintendo currently has thousands of eShop games on sale, it’ll be a bargain if you combine the two. . Let’s take one of the popular games, for example. Hades – a roguelike action dungeon crawler video game – is currently selling for $22.50 (40% off $37.50) on the eShop. If you stack it with the discounted gift card, you could save $19.50 in total, more than half the original price.

Alternatively, you can also purchase Nintendo Switch game vouchers for $134.95, of course, with the discounted gift cards, which can be used to redeem any of the two games available in this program’s catalog. Please note that although the gift card sale ends on October 4, many eShop games will return to their original price on October 3. If you plan to take full advantage of the gift card discounts, be sure to double-check when they end for the titles you desire.

There is a limit of 5 gift cards per customer

Click here for eShop games currently on sale (many of them end 10/3/22)

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Timothy C. Mayo