Family donates $15,000 worth of Nintendo games, consoles and more to Children’s Hospital

After receiving a huge windfall from the GameStop stock market saga, a family bought several game consoles and games for a hospital.

GameStop Stock Family Hospital Donation

The holidays are fast approaching and many gamers are thinking of new consoles and new games for Christmas. Games as gifts are a long-standing and beloved tradition, as a wholesome music video involving Max Payne of 2001 can attest to this.

For some, giving back on a personal level isn’t enough when they have the power to do more, and that can certainly be said of Ethan Anderson and his family. After raking in a huge amount of money from the GameStop stock market debacle, Anderson and his wife decided to give back to those less fortunate than themselves by gifting them video games.


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Anderson and his family, like many of those involved, made a lot of money through smart investments during GameStop’s stock market episode. For those unfamiliar, a while ago GameStop stock price shot up when several online pundits decided to artificially inflate it. This was done in an effort to outsmart a banking hedge fund on GameStop’s failure, but its consequences were far-reaching. One of those consequences was that Anderson and his wife made a huge donation to a children’s hospital in the name of them and their two-year-old son. This was possible because they got out before GameStop started losing money again.


The donation in question was not cash, but rather $15,000 worth of games and consoles. This included a slew of Switch and Switch Lite consoles, as well as some Amazon Fire tablets for kids. They’ve even added extra controllers for consoles, along with over 110 games, all to make sure the kids have a good distraction when they’re stuck inside a hospital. As a kicker, it was all bought from GameStop, with Anderson giving back to the company that made him a bundle and doing it to help a good cause. If the PS5 wasn’t slated for a GameStop restock, it’s possible the Andersons included it as well.

Needless to say, there will be happier children at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in the near future, and the hospital hasn’t had to pay a dime. As one mom in particular and her six Switches can attest, receiving unexpected gaming gifts is a great thing.

The gesture is beautiful and completely in the spirit of the holidays. Hopefully some of that goodwill can extend to GameStop itself, as the company isn’t doing well right now and GameStop employees aren’t happy with their situation.

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