Best twists in Nintendo games

Although many may assume that Nintendo Games are not particularly known for their plots or twists compared to games from other publishers, several games created and published by Nintendo prove this idea wrong. Many Nintendo games with good storylines and interesting twists have also become cult favorites, and several are often considered some of the best videos ever made by fans and critics.

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From action-adventure games to strategy JRPGs, here’s a list of engaging Nintendo gamestitles featuring some of the best twist gameshas to offer! (Warning – there are spoilers ahead!)


9 Fiore Bow (Xenoblade Chronicles)

One of the best storylines twists the original Xenoblade Chronicles has to offer surrounds the character Fiore, introduced to the player as a main cast staple alongside Shulk and Reyn. She also settles in as a main cast member – she has a budding relationship with Shulk that endears her to players, she fits in well with the other characters, and she’s playable for a period of the game.

This means that when she dies unexpectedly, players are stunned. What makes it even more shocking is that Fiore dies trying to save Shulk, and her body is then stolen, leaving Shulk – and the player – to mourn.

However, Xenoblade Chroniclesdon’t forget Fiore; throughout the story there are tiny references to him that players may miss at first. For example, players will see a blonde woman being placed in a Mechon, but the game immediately reverses the implication that this is Fiore’s body by referring to her only as “Lady Meyneth”. Eventually, however, the Mechon she inhabits is shattered by Shulk during a fight, revealing Fiore inside.

8 Samus vs. Maternal Brain (Super Metroid)

During the game Super Metroid, there is a recurring Metroid larva that players will encounter throughout the game. Players first see it when it has just hatched at the start of the game before it is kidnapped by Ridley; Samus must then travel through space to find the larva.

Eventually, the player will encounter several Metroids towards the very end of the game. It seems that there are several Metroids that have successfully spawned, and they all lead to an immensely large Metroid that is much more powerful than the others. The player is asked to fight the Metroid, but the fight is cut short at the last minute when it is revealed that the Metroid is actually the larva from the very beginning of the game, and the larva imprinted itself on Samus after she looked at him. the hatch.

If that’s not a big enough twist, Super Metroid save one last twist for the final boss. When Samus fights Mother Brain, it looks like it will be an easy fight, only for Mother Brain to transform into a monstrous form that easily overpowers Samus. Just when all seems lost, the player watches as the Metroid larva gives up her life for Samus, healing her and giving her a way to defeat Mother Brain.

seven Edelgard’s Secret Identity (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is absolutely a game full of twists. Some are more obvious and impactful than others, but each plot twist creates a ton of intrigue and surprises. One of the best plot twists that Fire Emblem: Three Houses has to offer surrounds Black Eagles leader Edelgard von Hresvelg. For much of the game’s jump before time, its backstory remains quite mysterious; players might be able to figure out that something quite strange is going on in his homeland of Adrestia, but there’s not much else to look out for.

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That’s what makes it all the more surprising when we find out that Edelgard is the person behind the mysterious Flame Emperor, appearing throughout several pre-time battles to antagonize the main cast. When players realize this means she orchestrated many attacks with the death knight (whose secret identity is yet another plot twist!), it serves to make Edelgard a much more character. interesting, especially if the player is on the road to the Black Eagles. .

6 Your rival is the final boss (Pokémon Red/Blue)

It is probably the most Pokemon players know the secular Pokemon formula to encounter your rival and battle them throughout your unique journeys. However, not all Pokémon games can boast the same plot twist as Pokémon Red and Blue.

As you play through Pokémon Red and Blue, you will come across your rival a lot. Still, that doesn’t stop the surprise once you find out someone just got the role of Kanto’s brand new champion just before you got to fight for the role yourself. What’s even more shocking is when the brand new champion is revealed, and it turns out that your antagonistic rival was the one who beat you in pursuit in the first place. Yet at least it makes victory – and your new role as Champion – all the more enjoyable!

5 Fake end credits (Kid Icarus: Uprising)

Kid Icarus: Insurrection has one of the best twists in Nintendo history, effectively using a fake ending credits scene after a huge battle to mislead the player into thinking the game is over. After battling Medusa just hours into the game, the protagonist, Pit, battles the main antagonist of the game so far, Medusa. Once the player has defeated Medusa, the game even goes so far as to show Pit celebrating his defeat by exclaiming “we really did it!”.

Just when players think the game is over, a giant hand suddenly appears on screen to rip out the end credits. This hand belongs to the same bigger Big Bad, Hades, who laughs devilishly before revealing that there are still a ton left to play. It’s smart, and it’s fun, and that’s what makes it such a great plot.

At the beginning of Link’s Awakeningit seems the game is a regular The Legend of Zelda adventure. The player controls Link as he runs around the island of Koholint, battling monsters and making friends, and while the island is idyllic and beautiful, nothing seems particularly “off”.

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It is only when the player is well into the game that he learns that this is all just a dream. This reveal adds an entirely new angle to the game; now the player is expected to walk around and talk to the people they’ve come to love while knowing they’re not really real and that eventually, Link will wake up, and the game will end. It adds a surprisingly bittersweet and painful twist to an otherwise sweet and light game, and it’s sure to have an impact on players.

3 The story of Claus (Mother 3)

Through Mother 3, players spend much of their time wondering what the hell happened to Lucas’ twin brother, Claus. He is introduced as a brave and strong character for the player to look up to, and the fact that his mysterious disappearance is due to his attempts for revenge against the creature that killed his and Lucas’ mother, Hinawa, makes the player realize and respect -the.

When Mother 3 then reveals that Claus is not dead but rather completely washed away by the main antagonist, Porky Minch, this greatly surprises the player. It turns out that Claus fought against Lucas and his friends for several chapters as “Masked Man”, and when he tries to fight the player once more, the ensuing battle is particularly painful knowing that he can no longer remember who he is fighting. versus.

An even bigger twist then comes when Hinawa appears as a ghost, reminding Claus who he is. Claus regains his memories, but his end is bittersweet; instead of continuing to fight, he chooses to give up and sacrifice himself, telling Lucas that he will see him again before he dies and joins his mother in the afterlife.

2 Emmeryn’s Sacrifice (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

Although players don’t see much of Emmeryn during the early chapters and battles of Fire Emblem: Awakening, she remains an endearing and interesting character, treating the player with kindness despite her mysterious history and odd behavior. Which is why it’s such a shock when Emmeryn is finally kidnapped by Gangrel, who kidnaps her and threatens to kill her if Chrom doesn’t do his bidding.

The player then has the choice of killing Emmeryn or handing over the Fire Emblem to save her, but it quickly turns out that regardless of the player’s choice, Emmeryn takes her fate into her own hands. She chooses to sacrifice herself for the good of the Fire Emblem and her people and falls to her death. While it’s a shocking ending, it’s an incredible plot twist, and it solidifies Emmeryn as one of Fire Emblem’s most interesting characters.

1 The princess is in another castle (Super Mario Bros.)

Although not much of a twist today, this twist was important to the original Super Mario Bros. arcade players. Generally, arcade games were relatively simple, and if players managed to beat the main boss, it was usually game over.

Nintendo’s subversion of this expectation through Mario Brothers. is what makes it such a good plot. Instead of defeating Bowser and rescuing the princess, the player is greeted by Toad telling them that “the princess is in another castle!”, leaving dozens more levels to complete before finally beating the game.

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