Bargain Alert: 10% off Nintendo eShop Cards at JB Hi-Fi from September 21

For no reason, and we’re not complaining about it – JB Hi-Fi has 10% off Nintendo Switch eShop Cards starting September 21st. They were supposed to start on September 22, but you know – the queen.

Starting September 21, you will be able to redeem all eShop Credit Cuts at 10% off. The best way to extend this discount is to buy a Nintendo Switch online game voucher for $134.95 or of course whatever is already on sale. Splatoon 3 still has a double cold coin discount, which combined with the 10% discount brings the digital copy to just under $64. (technically the $8 credit you get, you’d spend on something else later, but still).

All card denominations are up for grabs at the discounted rate;

  • The $60 eShop card becomes $54
  • The $30 eShop card becomes $27
  • The $15 eShop card becomes $13.50

There’s usually always a big online sale in September, so if there’s something you’ve been waiting to buy, maybe wait a few weeks.

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