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Players can also help the Geminose with their wardrobes so they’re always ready for the spotlight. Decorate their rooms with hundreds of collectibles, including a special decoration from each of the party members’ diverse cultures. Move around and interact with each element until it’s perfect and invite other party members to dance parties. Between performances, players can also try out the 7 different mini-games. Cupcake Samurai lets players slice and dice baked goods at impressive speeds or head to the kitchen and whip up recipes from each of Geminose’s cultures that would impress a five-star chef. There are plenty of adventures to discover.

A popstar’s life can be lonely with no friends to take along for the ride. Geminosis: Animal Popstars has cooperative play so players can let off steam with a friend. The game’s two-player local mode features full joy-con support so players can get up, move, and dance the night away with their friends and the Geminose.

Geminosis: Animal Popstars is a fun, musical adventure that encourages players of all ages to learn, dance and have fun. Geminosis: Animal Popstars is available now on Nintendo eShop. Players wishing to own a physical copy of the game can pre-order at major retailers worldwide by visiting the official site and look forward to the physical launch of the game on June 18. To follow the Geminose, visit them on Facebook, instagramWhere Twitter.

To request a review copy of Geminosis: Animal Popstars, please email the contact below.

A list of features includes:

  • Gather 10 animal musicians from around the world and form your hit band
  • Over 30 musical instruments to master
  • 20 original songs with hundreds of ways to rearrange them
  • Attract 45 Ultra-Cute Mashup Super-Fans via Geminose Dances
  • Play story mode with Nimmy and Smudge managing the party of your choice, or choose free play mode for endless hours of fun
  • Build and customize your rockstar mansion with hundreds of decorative items to choose from and interact with
  • Take your band on a world tour to unlock additional songs, outfits and scenery to decorate your rockstar mansion
  • Unlock the mansion kitchen and cook recipes from around the world
  • Play a variety of mini-games during your tour break
  • Challenge your friends in local 2-player mode using full Joy-Con control

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About Silver Bullet Studios
Silver Bullet Studios CEO Cos Lazouras is the creator of the characters and world of Geminose and is the game director of Geminose. Silver Bullet Studios holds exclusive licensing rights to Starbreeze Studios’ Geminose franchise. Geminosis: Animal Popstars was developed by Novarama and Behavior Interactive.

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