8 Reasons Gamers Still Love Nintendo Games

We appreciate a great video game whether it’s an action-packed expert shooter or a challenging strategic planning game. It seems like there’s a new video game to try out every day as advancements in technology and game coders or developers continue to create new content.

When it comes to the world of video games, Nintendo is one of those names that enjoys a huge reputation among gamers. Recently, Nintendo sparked outrage by honoring its vow to kill the Super Mario Bros., 35 battle royale, and Super Mario 3D All-Stars. While these and other actions were justified as a way to make the limited-edition releases more special, many gamers considered removing games or features too harsh. How does this benefit gamers, after all? However, it’s Nintendo. You know we can’t be mad at them forever!

The video game world helps in real life

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Video games can have a variety of positive impacts, ranging from memory, concentration, and social skills to elevated mood and problem solving. You can refer to this list of reasons why video games are good for your brain.

1. Memory

Several video games require a significant amount of strategy and process to focus. You realize how critical it is to remember where you discovered specific resources or where you need to go next if you’ve already built your civilization in Minecraft or ended up fighting for your life in Fortnite.

2. Decision making

Fast-paced video games like Need For Speed ​​or Call of Duty require you to stay alert and make decisions quickly. These energizing games can also help you develop your real-life decision-making skills.

3. Social skills

Some believe that video games lead to poor social skills or separation, so the social benefits of video games have indeed been fiercely disputed. Extreme video gameplay, on the other hand, can have negative social consequences, while moderate video gameplay can encourage social skills and reduce nervousness.

8 Reasons Gamers Still Love Nintendo Games

1. Nintendo games are easy to learn

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When it comes to video games, one of the hardest things a company can do is create something for everyone. This is especially true when it comes to learning how to play a game. Nintendo has done this for many years with almost all of its games and has never received a negative reaction from gamers. It’s not easy to create a game and make sure the controls are simple enough that anyone can learn to play any game in minutes. Nintendo does this all the time.

2. Face of the company

Mario and Nintendo are one. If you hear one of these words, chances are you’ll think of the other first. When it comes to video games, there’s hardly anyone in the world who hasn’t heard about mario. He’s been a video game legend since day one, when Super Mario Bros. was released on NES. Even though they didn’t know it at the time, Mario would become the face of Nintendo.

3. Nintendo continues to innovate

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Sony and Microsoft are currently engaged in a true technological armed conflict. They compete in innovative platforms such as PlayStation VR and Xbox’s doomed Kinect, but their PlayStation business relies on old-school control system games. Nintendo, on the other hand, doesn’t just experiment with new ideas. Since the release of the Wii in 2006, it has actively pushed the industry in new and unique directions. Since the GameCube launched in 2001, the company hasn’t released a “mainstream” console for nearly two decades.

4. The market leader in portable games

Nintendo has had a virtual monopoly on handheld games for the past few decades. The 3DS, Nintendo’s last purely handheld device, managed to sell over 75 million units. That’s more than some major housing consoles, such as the Xbox One, and Sony’s answer, the PlayStation Vita, didn’t even make the top ten. And, as we all know, the Switch can function as a regular home console as well as a portable device, a feature that has been a big part of its success. While portable gaming isn’t for everyone, the numbers speak for themselves. It has a significant following. The Switch is likely to expand the handheld industry as well. No one can come near Nintendo here.

5. Everyone will have a good time

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The Switch may be the most family-friendly gaming station in the industry, but it’s not just about releasing a slew of games aimed at kids. Many Nintendo games are so universally appealing that they can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Even if you like games with big worlds, challenging objectives, and stunning graphics, there are times when it’s nice to sit down and play a game with a simple premise and only a few buttons to master. That’s not to say the Switch doesn’t have deep and challenging games, but you understand what you get when you play a Mario game. It’s a simple platformer with lots of fun and little uncertainty or desperation.

6. Iconic video game franchises

People love Mario, which is why there was such a buzz around Mario 35 and 3D All-Stars in the first place. They are big Donkey Kong fans. They are big fans of The Legend of Zelda. They are big Metroid fans. They are big Pokemon fans. Mario Kart is a racing game developed by Nintendo. Animal Crossing vs. Smash Bros. The list could go on and on.

7. Overall quality

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It’s hard to build a video game empire, like Nintendo, and spend 20+ years making the best quality games out there. This is not easy to do as it requires full control over the developers and the creation of every game released for their consoles. Every year, Nintendo releases some of the highest rated games in the entire gaming community. In 2017, Nintendo launched three of the best games of the year. Even when the Wii U failed, Nintendo still released games that easily beat the opposition.

8. Customer Support

The latest generation of gamers tend to move quickly and expect answers immediately with very little effort or human interaction. For this reason, Nintendo’s customer support is poorly respected. Even with this mindset, Nintendo continues to provide the best customer support in the gaming community with its incredibly robust customer support website and a bag of Nintendo smart phone agents who will help you take care of all your issues involving your Nintendo. console.


Nintendo isn’t perfect, but it does a lot. The Switch is a fun console that gives gamers plenty of choice in terms of software and how to play it.

But, the truth is, as long as Nintendo is the only way to play Mario and many of the biggest game franchises, there’s always going to be a lot of love for the company.

Timothy C. Mayo