7 cool Nintendo games coming in 2015

During an event at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Nintendo showed off some games coming to Wii U and 3DS eShop this year. The offerings ranged from Boxboy!, a charming platform and puzzle game developed by the studio that created Kirby, to the hilarious Runbow, a wacky cooperative competitive game where up to 9 players can play together. Nintendo has some great games coming later this year in The Legend of Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Star Fox (to name a few), but there are more exciting games coming to Nintendo consoles. in 2015. Here’s a quick rundown of the games we’ve seen and why each should be on your radar.


Developer: Hall Labs
What is that? Boxboy! is a puzzle-platformer from Hal Labs, the developer behind the Kirby series. The main character is Boxboy, a square guy who can jump and create boxes that can help him collect crowns spread throughout each level. Collecting them earns you currency which is used to unlock costumes, music, and challenges.

How you use boxes to solve puzzles in Boxboy! changes with each subsequent world. At first, you use boxes to form a bridge or as an impromptu platform to reach higher areas. In later steps, you can create Tetromino-like shapes to fill in the gaps and hit the switches. In World 5, a Box Trail can be used to pull Boxboy to out-of-reach ledges. Whenever you make a mistake on a puzzle, a quick press of the L and R buttons will take you back to the last checkpoint.

Why it’s perfect on 3DS: Surprisingly, Boxboy! skips over Nintendo’s stereoscopic 3D feature, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad fit for 3DS. Bite-sized worlds and levels are perfect for quick play. In line with many games developed in Japan, Box Boy! has a ton of creativity, charm, and off-the-beaten-path thinking that makes it an easy recommendation for people who play games on the go.


Developer: 13AM Games
What is that? Take on the craziest Mario Party mini-game you can think of. Now coat it in vibrant paint, add 8 more players and kick the crazy competitive nature all the way to the top.

Runbow is a game that uses its stylized color hues to its full potential, as up to 9 players battle and race through stages where the ever-changing background color can make platforms disappear in the blink of an eye. eye. Even when playing co-op, you’ll still push your friends away and use random power-ups to topple the whole stage.

Why it’s perfect on the Wii U: First of all, the way Runbow achieves local 9-player co-op is nothing short of genius. It uses every controller on the platform, from the familiar Wii Remote to the GamePad itself. In a clever design choice, two players can play together using a connected Wii Remote and a classic controller combo. Additionally, the gamepad can be used for a special mode called Colormaster. In it, the controller player can use the touchscreen to throw bombs, bathe the screen in colors that make certain platforms disappear, slow down time, and lots of other tricks to stop other players from getting stuck. to reach the end of a stage. The riders can either try to work together or – more often – have a mad dash towards the finish. Other players can follow where the controller user is pointing at the screen, but the terror that player shoots is a surprise every time.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Rising Stars

Developer: Nintendo Software Technology
What is that? Returning to the two-dimensional side view of previous titles in the franchise, Tipping Stars will have you guiding familiar toy versions of Mario characters through this Lemmings-style puzzle game. You’ll find yourself carefully clearing the way for your minifigures, using the touch screen to redirect paths, cannons, springs and more to get everyone to the goal safely.

You might recognize Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars from GDC 2014. Nintendo first showed it off as a demonstration of its Nintendo Web Framework tools. The game hits the Wii U and 3DS eShop this week. If you buy it on 3DS, you get a free code for the Wii U version (and vice versa).

Why it’s perfect on Wii U and 3DS: Now, more than ever, the real charm is in what YOU can create. The construction zone returns as an even more robust level editor, where you can easily adjust the size, shape and complexity of a level using the Wii U gamepad or the second screen of the 3DS. To complement your creativity, users can not only share their levels, but reward others for a level well done by awarding them stars. These stars can be used to unlock other options and characters, giving talented creators more work opportunities. If you happen to see a level with a golden Mario navigating through golden bricks, you can be sure that the user who uploaded that level will have some amazing stages to try.

Swords and Soldiers 2

Developer: Ronimo Games
What is that? Swords and Soldiers 2 doesn’t just flip strategy, it turns it around. This side-scrolling strategy sequel to the original features improved controls and painted visuals, as well as three warring factions to play with. Whether you march to war as Vikings, Demons, or newly unveiled Persians, you can customize the units you deploy and unleash complementary forces to dominate the battlefield. Whether you take your base with you across the screen during the campaign or fight for supply drops in skirmish mode, you’ll have to think hard if you want to survive.

Why it’s perfect for the Wii U: Swords and Soldiers 2 allows for a variety of control methods, whether you prefer the classic Wii Remote or the Wii U Pro Controller, but it’s the gamepad that really shines. Using the touchscreen acts as a cursor to let you survey the battlefield like a PC mouse would let you in top-down RTS games. being able to quickly micro-manage your ever-changing army is a huge boost, and you’ll be able to use touch controls or buttons to get the job done. It also allows local co-op to play out in unpredictable ways, as long as the controller user agrees not to stare at the TV screen – no one likes a cheater.

Never alone

Developer: E-Line Media

Never Alone Wii U

What is that? Released late last year, Never Alone is a puzzle platformer that takes you on an interactive walk through the very culture of the indigenous people of Alaska. Taking control of a young girl named Nuna and her adorable arctic fox, each must use their skills to navigate the freezing but beautiful tundra and learn the folklore of Alaska’s native peoples along the way. Those interested in learning more can even watch documentary videos that dig deeper into the cultural background of Never Alone.

Why it’s perfect for the Wii U: The Wii U gamepad invites the player to better contextual controls, as well as the ability to let a friend or family member team up to play cooperatively with another controller.

Don’t Starve: Console Edition & Reign of Giants

Developer: Klei Entertainment

Don’t Starve Giant Edition Wii U

What is that? A port of Don’t Starve: Console Edition and the Reign of Giants expansion is coming to Wii U! If you’re unfamiliar with Don’t Starve, it’s a survival game where you have to survive in a dark and dreary world. In fact, starving to death in the desert is only part of the problem, as wild animals and other terrors come out at night to snack on unsuspecting players.

Why it’s perfect for the Wii U: Don’t Starve is a hostile world full of discoveries and enemies. But there’s nothing else quite like it on Wii U. This PC game is being ported by Blitworks, the same developer who ported the game to PS Vita earlier this year. Don’t Starve on Wii U displays a helpful map on the GamePad at all times, making it easy to track your location as you battle the wilderness or leap through tricky wormholes. You also have quick access to inventory items and recipes that will help you survive on the touchscreen a little longer.

Affordable space adventures

Developer: KnapNok Games and Nifflas

GDC Affordable Space Adventures 2015

What is that? Affordable Space Adventures is a distinct and atmospheric cooperative exploration game for up to three players. You solve puzzles and make discoveries using a small ship. The goal is to fly undetected using a combination of stealth, intelligence, and a special GamePad interface.

Why it’s perfect for the Wii U: The moody and atmospheric environments of Affordable Space Adventures are breathtaking. The GamePad user interface is used in a way that you really feel like the pilot. It’s a truly immersive experience and one that we hope really demonstrates unique thinking with Nintendo’s hardware.

Timothy C. Mayo