10 Unpopular Opinions About Nintendo Consoles, According To Reddit

With hits like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, it is undeniable that Nintendo has conquered the world of video games, and their consoles are generally among the most popular. Despite this, not all gamers hold Nintendo’s hardware in high regard, and some gamers have some downright unpopular opinions.

From the NES to the Nintendo Switch, Reddit users have taken to the site to voice their many grievances with Nintendo’s famous consoles. Even though Nintendo is world famous, even the best can’t please everyone all the time.


ten In love with a virtual boy

Nintendo Virtual Boy

Nintendo is best known for its frequent hits, but sometimes a piece of Nintendo hardware has failed so miserably that it would be considered one of the worst consoles ever made. A deleted user came to the defense of one such console, saying “People love to hate the Virtual Boy, but I think it’s neat”.

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Nintendo’s stab at a virtual reality system in the 90s was a catastrophic failure on every level. It wasn’t fun to play and actually caused some serious headaches, and on top of that it didn’t really offer VR for the handful of people who bought it. As a retro curiosity, the Virtual Boy finds fans most likely because they’re seduced by what it could have been, not what it actually was.

9 Wii U wasn’t so bad

Nintendo Wii U controller

Nintendo spat in the hardware department in the early 2010s after its huge success with the Wii. Attempting to set a new standard of console excellence, their first try at a portable home console failed to impress. User aliaswyvernspur saw a silver lining though, writing “The Wii U wasn’t a bad system, and is unfairly considered a failure (sales failure…but that doesn’t mean the system itself was Wrong)”.

It seemed like everything was conspiring against the Wii U, and gamers rode a wave of bad press away from Nintendo’s latest installment. The brand quickly cooked up the Switch, and many fans either let the Wii U completely slip away from them, or dismissed it as a failed first attempt. However, some users who have actually purchased the system have seen a host of positives to go along with the negatives, including its backwards compatibility.

8 The Wii’s Little Library

After the Gamecube was retired, Nintendo transformed its sites into a whole new type of console and shipped the Wii. Despite its success, user sparkzcomics had a grievance against the system, commenting “The Wii was an absolutely horrible console…there were so few good games”.

Game quality is subjective, and many gamers believe the Wii had some amazing headlining titles, as well as a host of hidden gems. While it could be finicky at times, its motion control system was an interesting and innovative leap forward for gaming, and it set Nintendo down the path they’ve recently been down with each new console.

seven Not many switches

Pokemon Red and Blue Nintendo Switch

Some fans consider the Nintendo Switch to be the finished product of the first Wii U project. User gamerdork24 however disagreed when he said “I feel like the Switch, other than aspect of portability, isn’t much better than the Wii U”.

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While fans will endlessly debate the merits of each console, it’s obvious that the Switch has done a lot more good than its predecessor. Although the user minimizes the portability angle, it is precisely this portability that makes the Switch such a revolutionary console. Never before has such a powerful system been so maneuverable and transportable.

6 GameCube Game Boy

A purple GameCube and controller are placed in front of the GameCube game cases

Before the Wii U took the crown as Nintendo’s most disappointing release, the underrated GameCube got a lot of flak. Lately though, many fans have revisited some of the console’s best games and found it to be pleasantly underrated hardware. A deleted user had other ideas stating “The only reason to actually own a GameCube is for the Game Boy gamer”.

Just one of its many abilities, the Game Boy expansion wasn’t the only great thing the little purple cube had to offer. The aforementioned list of amazing games wasn’t limited to Nintendo exclusives, and many of the console’s licensed additions were surprisingly good.

5 N64 – Feast of a

Goldeneye - Best Board Games

Party games have been one of Nintendo’s strongest genres, and the Nintendo 64 was the first console to really push this concept. User proggybreaks broke the N64 simply, writing “The N64 is only good if you have friends to come and play with you”.

Many of the shining stars of the N64 featured fully fleshed out multiplayer modes, but that doesn’t mean these games stop there. games like golden eye were certified hits with multiplayer fans, but the thrilling campaign was not to be overlooked either. Like any console, the N64 had games specifically marketed as multiplayer, and these obviously don’t hold up when played on their own.

4 Gaming Equipment > Game Boy

Original game boy royalty free

The Sega and Nintendo rivalry is legendary, and it has spread from their home consoles to their handheld games as well. One deleted user took a seriously unpopular stance by commenting “The Game Boy was crazy…the Game Gear was way ahead of the Game Boy”.

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Both systems seem like clumsy monstrosities by modern handheld gaming, but the Game Gear’s many flaws seemed to outweigh those of the Game Boy. They both required a huge amount of batteries and were almost impossible to see in low light conditions. However, Nintendo’s list of well-designed games took a hammer blow from Sega’s bevy of butchered Genesis ports.

3 Super Ugly Super Nintendo

The aesthetic seems like a weird reason to criticize one of the most popular consoles of all time, but some gamers couldn’t get over the boxy design of older consoles. User ComradeOj had his eye on Nintendo’s aesthetic saying “I think the SNES is an ugly console. I don’t even care much about JA/EUR consoles”.

Limited technology meant that consoles had to cram as much technology as possible into a small package. Nintendo’s SNES aimed for a neutral gray tone with purple accents, and it created a consistent visual aesthetic across all hardware. Aesthetics are entirely subjective in nature, and the SNES more than made up for any visual flaws with a host of great games.

2 Was 3D necessary?

The video game industry felt growing pains as it ventured into the world of 3D games, and the Nintendo 64 was not immune to the struggle. User IM_MT_ wholesale dismissed Nintendo’s switch to 3D, writing “I really have a dislike for the N64 and its games…doing everything in 3D was not a good idea”.

Nintendo, like any other company, is subject to peer pressure and the winds of change. The gaming industry was obviously moving in a 3D direction, and Nintendo used to be on the cutting edge of technology. Many gamers are used to Nintendo’s permanent retro aesthetic they’ve embraced over the past few decades, but forget that they likely would have been left behind if they hadn’t competed in a more modern sense.

1 NES = overrated

Nintendo Entertainment System

Although far from being the very first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System pulled the video game industry out of the doldrums and saved the art. User mzupeman was a little harsher on the classic console when he said “I have a lot of nostalgia for the NES, but I think some rose-colored glasses value it a little…overrated.”

Compared to the amazing technology available to gamers today, the NES looks like primitive old gear. However, it’s almost impossible to overstate the influence the Big Gray Box has had on games and the art form of game design in general. One of the best things about the NES is that much of its library of games is just as fun to play today as it was when the console debuted, and many modern games cannot boast of this feat.

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