10 Underrated Classic Nintendo Games That Deserve Remakes

Over the years, Nintendo has released many remakes of its classic games. This allowed fans of early games to relive memories playing those titles with updated graphics and allowed new players to experience classic games. Specific games have releases available as both arcade games and home console titles, but these do not count as proper remakes.

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Some underrated Nintendo games have never received a remake, but they deserve one. This is due to the quality of the titles and their potential accessibility to a current audience. In this case, “classic” refers to any game released for the Nintendo 64 or any other Nintendo console before it. These classic games have loyal fans, and fans would love to see certain games make a comeback with a modern twist.

ten Ice Climber (1984)

NES ice climber

As staples of the smash series, the characters of Ice Climber Nana and Popo are by no means underrated, even if they are not among the best Super Smash Bros. characters to use. The game they came from, however, has fallen into relative obscurity.

The NES game and its Nintendo Vs. System version features gameplay that could benefit from updated graphics and improved game mechanics. With passion behind the improved game, it could be as welcomed as certain Great mario redone.

9 Mach Rider (1985)

Screenshot from the video game Mach Rider

The game takes place in the distant future and players have to defeat evil enemies who ride the main character. Mach Rider wasn’t entirely ignored by Nintendo, having been released on Virtual Console for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U. It didn’t, however, receive a remake that would build on the exhilarating features it has.

The game requires skill to beat, which would lend itself well to an audience that wants a real challenge. Many Nintendo fans don’t know much about this game, but a remake would introduce a new generation to this classic title.


8 Faxanadu (1987)

Screenshot from the video game Faxanadu

A spin-off from Xanaduwhich is part of Dragon hunter series, Faxanadu received less recognition than many other franchise entries. However, this RPG is loved by those who have played it, and a remake would expose it to a wider audience while making longtime fans happy.

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The music is thrilling and the story captivating, and RPG fans will appreciate it. While the original game’s graphics are lovely, an update to those would make Faxanadu more accessible to new players.

seven The Legend of the Guardian (1988)

The Guardian Legend title screen

The Guardian Legend is a sequel to the game Guardian, and it vastly improves on the original. The game features the main character infiltrating an evil alien world to save Earth. It is interesting in that it mixes the classic space shooter genre with gameplay featuring a player character.

While other space action games have been rightly recognized as influential and significant to video game history, The Guardian Legend remains relatively unknown. There are plenty of retro games that have made a modern comeback, and The Guardian Legend should be another.

6 Grounded (1989)

Title To The Earth on video game box background

To the earth initially required the use of the NES Zapper, which was an accessory that allowed players to aim at the screen for gameplay. Although it’s no longer available, a remake might be able to use the Nintendo Switch’s motion controls.

Some know the game to be difficult and demand quick answers. It can be frustrating, but it can be enjoyable for players who want an extra challenge. Technological advancements could make the space environment much more visually appealing, and a remake could allow this game to excel.

5 Wrecking Crew (1985)

The title screen of the NES game Wrecking Crew.

One of the first Mario games, Demolition Crew is often considered a classic, and it received a sequel in 1998. Despite this, it is currently not widely known. It’s an interesting change from other Mario games fans are familiar with, and it involves players tearing down different structures to complete levels.

It’s often considered one of the best non-platform Mario games, but compared to other titles in the Super Mario franchise, Demolition Crew deserves more attention. A remake would be a great way to give it that recognition.

4 Blast Corps (1997)

A robot in front of an explosion with the Blast Corps logo next to it

Beloved by many who have played it and popular at the time of its release, explosion body has remained a classic among Nintendo 64 fans. Despite this, Nintendo has given the game little attention since its release. The puzzle/action game focuses on demolition using a variety of vehicles.

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The exhilarating gameplay has been praised in the years since its release, but with no new additions or remakes via Nintendo, explosion body further removed from the public consciousness. A remake would ensure that the legacy of the beloved game would be secure for years to come.

3 X (1992)

Game Boy X screenshot

A space combat game that differs from many others of its time, X is fascinating in its gameplay but undermined by the technological limitations of the time. The game features the player fighting alien invaders in first-person perspective, which makes it unique.

Improved graphics could turn this game into a more thrilling action experience. The music from the original is also great, so bringing that back would create an appealing atmosphere for both new and experienced players.

2 Sutte Hakkun (1997)

Screenshot from the video game Sutte Hakkun

Technically, Sutte Hakkun received remakes, but these were all released within two years of the original game. These remakes added more levels and minor updates to the game. Still, Sutte Hakkun has no recent remakes that significantly improve the aesthetics or quality of the original game.

Although not considered one of the most difficult platformer video games of all time, Sutte Hakkun is quite difficult and requires concentration. Along with that, the character design is charming and could make the games more endearing for newcomers.

1 Illusion of Gaia (1993)

Will, as Freedan, stands in front of Gaia in Illusion of Gaia

The RPG Gaia IllusionLike explosion body, was popular when it was released but has faded over the years. In the title, players attempt to save the world from a destructive force, using abilities they acquire along the way.

The graphics are well done, especially for a title of its era, but with a modern twist the game could present an incredible aesthetic. The fantastic story and features behind Gaia Illusion make it an ideal candidate for a Nintendo remake.

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