10 Retro Nintendo Games That Still Need Switch Ports

Nintendo tends to invoke games from its past but not make them readily available for legal purchase. They’ve cracked down hard on emulation sites and fan remakes, but won’t make these games purchasable from their digital services. Something will happen from time to time, like the SNES Classic Edition or Super Mario 3D All-Starsyet Nintendo is still hurting fans by making them artificially rare.

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Nintendo Switch Online offers a selection of many games available on platforms such as the NES and SNES, and even offers games from the N64 and Sega Genesis if players purchase the expansion pack. However, there are still considerable gaps in this library, such as GameCube and Game Boy Advance titles.

ten Metroid II is an important part of Samus’ story

Metroid ii Return of Samus cropped

Metroid Dread marks the final chapter of an arc that began with the original metroid. Switch owners who want to see the story from start to finish are out of luck, given that the second and fourth entries are not available on this platform.

While Metroid II: Return of Samus saw a great remake on 3DS, Metroid Fusion was last released on Wii U. Metroid II may have aged the least gracefully of all the installments, but it sets the stage for Super Metroid and serves as a pivotal chapter in the story of Samus Aran.

9 Diddy Kong Racing was more ambitious than Mario Kart

Diddy-Kong Race Triceratops Short

Diddy Kong Race was more ambitious than Mario Kart 64, sporting an overworld and the addition of hovercraft and aircraft. The inclusion of characters like Conker and Banjo might prove to be a hindrance as Microsoft now owns them.

Considering Nintendo managed to negotiate the bear and the bird to join the fray smash, it is not inconceivable that a similar agreement could give the green light to this title. If that can’t be arranged, the DS remake omitted said characters and replaced them with Nintendo-owned characters such as Tiny Kong.

8 Wario Land Games flipped the formula

Nintendo Wario Land 3 Rudy the Clown Fight

Before WarioWare games, the aforementioned greedy anti-hero made his first appearance as a villain in the Game Boy platformer Super Mario Land the 6 gold coins. Eventually, he took over the series and moved on from a standard Mario-platform esque to a more subversive approach.

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Earth Wario 2 and 3 not only was it impossible for players to die, but damage from enemies had become a key part of gameplay. Some enemies would cause Wario to undergo strange transformations that help solve creative puzzles.

seven F-Zero X is not included in the N64 games list (yet)

F-zero X N64

Although the list of Nintendo 64 games on the Nintendo Switch Online service is subject to change, the omission of F-Zero X at launch is curious. F-Zero X was the first entry in the series to use full 3D graphics.

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F-Zero X It may not have sported the prettiest visuals on the N64, but it more than made up for that with its rock-solid frame rate and speed. With a consistent 60 FPS performance, tight controls, and high-octane racing action, low polygon count will be the last thing on gamers’ minds. It’s sad, it’s more than likely F-Zero X will eventually be published on NSO.

6 Warlocked brought real-time strategy to the Game Boy Color

Color Game Boy Warlock

With the Famicom Wars still raging overseas, Nintendo fans in the West who wanted real-time strategy action enlisted with the title Game Boy Color Warlock. Courtesy of British developer Bits Studios, the game introduced players to a war waged between factions of humans and beasts.

Although the limitations of the platforming are manifested in its slow movement speed, tiny units, and limited buttons, the game features impressive visuals and sounds. A sequel to Warlock was planned for the Game Boy Advance, which would have fixed said issues, but it was unfortunately cancelled.

5 Golden Sun and its sequels have yet to see a re-release

golden sun

With the adoption of JRPGs in the West, the market has undergone significant changes. While their competitors had Final Fantasy and phantom starNintendo lacked a narrative RPG franchise for hardcore gamers.

Camelot Software Planning had already made a name for itself with the Brilliant strength games on the Sega Genesis, making it the ideal developer to create an engaging RPG for the Game Boy Advance. It’s the 10th anniversary of what seemed like Nintendo’s first attempt at a serious RPG franchise, but neither golden sun nor its sequel have seen a Switch release.

4 Convention Paper Mario Blurs

Paper Mario 64

There was a time when the mario RPGs overturned the series’ standard tropes, and paper mario for the N64 continues the tradition Super Mario RPG for the SNES set. Hostile creatures such as goombas, boos, and koopas have now joined Mario as supporting characters with distinct designs and personalities.

Bower’s personality was more fleshed out, and later entries would even use him as a supporting character. Unfortunately, Nintendo has become increasingly restrictive with the paper mario series. The first game and The millennial door to the Nintendo GameCube are great demonstrations of what the franchise can do when it defies convention.

3 EarthBound is still a charmer

Cropped SNES EarthBound

Although it reached the top of Wii U Virtual Console sales, Earthbound has yet to see a release on Nintendo Switch Online. The characters and dialogue are still as charming and emotionally resonant now as they were then.

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Compared to many retro RPGs, Earthbound has some particularly nifty innovations, like the ability to skip unnecessary battles and a rolling HP meter that would allow characters to move around even after taking a killing blow. EarthboundThe omission of service is just baffling.

2 The original Pikmin has yet to land on the Switch

box art for pikmin 1

pikmine was one of the last original IP addresses created by Shigeru Miyamoto – the creator of mario and Zelda. While the first entry saw a remake on the Nintendo Wii, the second title is sadly still only playable on Gamecube.

At least pikmine 3 was lucky enough to land a release on the Nintendo Switch. All that’s needed to make this trilogy accessible to younger gamers is a Nintendo Switch Online release or even a full HD collection on the Switch like Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

1 Luigi’s original mansion is still lost in time

Cropped screenshot of Luigi's mansion

Mario’s little brother finally got his chance to shine, starring in a key launch title for Nintendo’s first disc-based console. Luigi arguably demonstrates so much more personality than even his brother when reacting to the supernatural threats around him or humming along to the beat of the background music.

Luigi’s mansionThe only real flaw is its brevity, which is a problem other entries have addressed. Of all the installments, only the third is available on the Switch. Young gamers who want to check out the series but don’t have a GameCube or 3DS handy are out of luck.

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