10 Nintendo Games With Incredibly Hard-to-Understand Storylines

For a very long time, Nintendo has been at the forefront of developing and publishing games that are easy to understand and play. It’s not an affront to this legendary developer at all – in fact, it’s the impressive way most Nintendo games manage to pack an impressive amount of depth into their titles with what seems like mostly straightforward gameplay that turned this company into a household name in the video game landscape.

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That being said, Nintendo certainly hasn’t been shy about making certain games with stories that are sometimes so incredibly convoluted that fans won’t have a clue what’s going on at times. With that in mind, here are ten Nintendo games that have the most unnecessarily complex and difficult to understand stories.

ten Devil’s Third

Devil's Third

One of the most reviled games in the Wii U library – an already fairly sparse collection as it stands – Devil’s Third serves as a model of what not to do when developing a video game.

The fights and characters are pretty abysmal as they stand, but it’s the story that’s truly one of a kind when it comes to being disastrous. By trying to use Kessler’s syndrome theory as a “smart” plot device, the plot just turns into one of the title’s many glaring negatives.


9 perfect dark

perfect dark

contrary to Devil’s Third, perfect dark is actually a brilliant game that deserves all the praise it has received so far. Serving as something of a spiritual successor to the legendary GoldenEye 007, perfect dark ends up doing justice to its predecessor and more.

The game is set in the year 2023 with everything from aliens to full galactic controversy that can sometimes be difficult for players to understand. However, the brilliant combat and memorable characters help players distract themselves from the convoluted story and enjoy the game for its highlights.

8 Metroid: Other M

Metroid Other M

Given the popularity of metroid franchise and the incredible characterization of Samus Aran – easily serving as one of the greatest female characters in video game history – people have been looking forward to Metroid: Other Ma game that would take the character of Samus to new heights.

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However, upon release, players were furious at Samus’ horrible characterization, essentially turning her into a weak soldier who couldn’t do anything without the green light from her superior – who happened to be male, just to put the blame on her. Cherry on the cake. on this terrible cake. This horrible personality flaw, coupled with a convoluted and rather boring story, turned Metroid: Other M into a title that most people would rather forget about altogether.

7 the world ends with you

the world ends with you

With the sequel to this legendary title finally announced, sure more and more people would be more than willing to give it a try. the world ends with youa game that is easily one of the most unique titles in the DS library that has been constantly re-released ever since due to its cult status.

However, keep in mind that the story is long and quite convoluted, with all the pieces eventually falling into place as the player goes through the final chapters of the game. However, the gameplay, characters, and setting of this title more than make up for an initially slow story that invariably picks up over time anyway.

6 Terranigma


A hidden gem for the SNES that has remained criminally underrated for a very long time, Terranigma is easily one of the greatest action-RPGs of all time and deserves a second wind through a remake, remaster, or anything else along those lines.

There’s no denying that this game’s story and world concept is incredibly intricate – with a two-sided hollow world – but players who stick with this game will slowly but surely come to terms with the brilliant nature of the plot of this game and will instantly fall in love with it. … after having understood it well, that is to say.

5 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess Link and Wolf Link

Of all the games The Legend of Zelda series, most people consider Twilight Princess to be the most story-heavy of the lot, with a rich world, multi-faceted characters, and a complex storyline that will keep players hooked until the very end.

However, some would argue that this story is a bit too complicated for some, especially in the context of a Zelda game that has always prioritized the idea of ​​simple yet engaging stories in most of its titles. However, players who decide to invest in the complex world of Twilight Princess will certainly find themselves enjoying one of the most emotional rides in the series.

4 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Artwork of Fire Emblem Three Houses

fire emblem is a series that has consistently proven to be one of the greatest strategy RPG franchises of all time, and the latest game in the series is no exception to that golden rule.

While the politics present in Fódlan’s continent and the complex – albeit impressive – branching narrative can be difficult to grasp at first, Fire Emblem: Three HousesThe narrative is engaging enough that its convoluted nature is never a deterrent. In fact, some people would say it actually helps this game’s world-building in the best possible way.

3 Octopath Traveler

The Octopath Traveler characters together

In one look, Octopath Traveler might seem like a fairly straightforward JRPG, with the eight individual narratives being cliched and straightforward enough for fans to easily navigate.

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However, it’s after players enter the post-game that they realize just how intertwined the narratives really are, with the introduction of Galdera as the actual final boss after a bunch of exposition on the text that turns out to be as confusing as it is incredibly frustrating, due to God being maddeningly harsh and the last save point being present in a completely unreasonable place.

2 Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles Shulk Melia Sharla Dunban Heropon Riki

Of course, it would be impossible to talk about convoluted storytelling in Nintendo games without mentioning what is perhaps the most popular JRPG on this platform — Xenoblade Chronicles.

To be fair, all three games in the series can make it onto this list due to their incredibly convoluted storylines…but the world-building and characters present in this title more than make up for a story that can be quite difficult to understand at times.

1 Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warrior Age Of Calamity Playable Characters

The announcement of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity had delirious players, with the idea of ​​exploring the universe of breath of the wild once again incredibly alluring to many.

However, while the game is great on its own, you have to admit that the story is unnecessarily complicated for no reason. Time travel was not a necessary aspect that needed to be included in the universe of breath of the wildso the fact that time travel is a central part of the story of Age of Calamity certainly anchors a few points to the overall quality of this title.

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