10 Nintendo Games That Should Be Made For Anime TV Shows

Video game adaptations, whether on TV or in movies, have become increasingly popular, but anime adaptations tend to be the most well-received. Streaming platforms like Netflix – at least unwittingly – have cracked this code with shows like Castlevania and Esoteric.

The freedom afforded by animation in a serialized format seems to allow for greater creative freedom and allow the story to stretch its legs. Nintendo has more than its fair share of IPs to lend to this medium, ranging from acclaimed modern hits like breath of the wild to disturbing sci-fi thrillers like metroid and series like fire emblem who would particularly excel in the anime genre.


ten The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link overlooking the vast land of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild key art.

Perhaps the most obvious candidate for an anime television adaptation is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The 2017 Wii U/Switch game received widespread critical acclaim, quickly becoming the next step in the evolution of the open-world gaming format. A large and transparent open world with excellent art direction and surprises in all directions and an open gameplay approach helped ensure this.

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Although the story is more subtle in breath of the wild, expanding on the backstory of these iterations of Link and Zelda would create an emotionally resonant plot. Nowadays, completing the adventure with episodic style stories would complete the overall narrative of defeating Calamity Ganon.

9 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses promotional art featuring the school's protagonists and house representatives

Intelligent systems fire emblem The series is a ripe favorite for an anime television series because it is actually an anime game. There have been several great games and stories in the series, but Three Houses proven to be one of the finest and finest fire emblem Games.

In addition to the already strong anime art style and a host of excellent anime studios available, the branching narrative of Three Houses makes it a particularly interesting choice for an adaptation. The story itineraries are character-driven to make them all the more emotionally invested, with a backdrop of political intrigue. Even the Edelgard route is akin to a tonally lighter anime parallel where game of thrones probably should have ended.

8 Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread enjoyed a well-received and well-deserved resurgence in the gaming mainstream, like last year Fear put bounty hunter Samus Aran back on the map. Given the metroid franchises Extraterrestrialresembling influences, this would make for an exciting anime game adaptation.

With the right animation studio and writing team, a Metroid Dread the adaptation is said to be a suitably atmospheric and ominous experience that uses EMMIs to delve into light sci-fi/horror elements, punctuated by elegantly chaotic action, creature designs, and an eerie musical score. Similarly, a multi-season approach could also use the occasional episodic story structure to keep things fresh and leverage the bounty hunting premise.

seven Luigi’s mansion

A frightened Luigi with ghosts behind him in the cover art of Luigi's Mansion

Although a very different change of pace, Luigi’s mansion would be something that would make for a fun and colorful party. Nintendo is already keen to leverage IP outside of video games, with the currently untitled animation mario The film will be released next spring.

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Being a spin-off itself, the original GameCube game would make for an equally delightful side story on the small screen by mixing comedy with Luigi’s mansionis the inventive brand of pseudo “horror”. It would be a great way to capitalize on brand awareness outside of the game (assuming the film is well-received), and a show could easily and concisely adapt the events of its two sequels.

6 Shin Megami Tensei V

SMTV hero character with recruited demon allies

Publisher/developer Atlus has gained enormous notoriety since personas 5 helped the company plant its flag on the international stage, but Shin Megami Tensei recently made a triumphant return. Last years Shin Megami Tensei V quickly became one of the best RPGs to play on Nintendo Switch, and similar to fire emblemit already has an animated approach that would seamlessly translate into a TV series.

The parent series of Character, Shin Megami Tensei games tend to tackle darker, grander-scale concepts and VThe sprawling story of would be a good premise if an adaptation was treated better than just a “tie-in product.”

5 Xenoblade Chronicles

The Monado sword and one of the game's Titans loom overhead in key art for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.

The JRPG subgenre has a lot of titans dominating the industry like Final Fantasy, dragon quest, Characterand more, but the 2010s Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii began what would become another genre staple for Nintendo alongside fire emblem. The game has been praised for its hybrid sci-fi fantasy world, storytelling, and dense world-building, which makes the case for an anime adaptation.

Xenoblade Chronicles the games take place at wildly different points in time and on different timelines. And while Xenoblade Chronicles 2 might be adapted first since its story is a prequel, the original game would be a good entry point for uninitiated and longtime fans.

4 Rise of the Monster Hunter

A team of hunters battling Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's flagship monster, the vampiric dragon Malzeno.

Capcom’s monster hunter The franchise is far from a niche action-RPG series thanks to Worldthe cheer of escape. And while Netflix quietly released a poorly-received CG animated short last year, there’s still plenty of potential in looking to Rise of the Monster Hunter as a foundation.

monster hunter the games were never known for their stories, unlike their thrilling moment-to-moment boss fights with exceptionally crafted monsters. However, both World and To go up have made incremental progress in putting more effort into storytelling, and a well-equipped writing team with a top-notch anime studio could combine for a show of a TV series.

3 Pokemon Coliseum

Wes holding a Pokeball in Pokemon Colosseum

Pokemon is comfortably the most profitable media franchise in the world. However, as nostalgic as the early years of the Pokemon anime may be, it’s more like a ship produced every year to push said merchandise. For some longtime fans, the Pokemon Origins The OVA anime series gave them a taste of the big direction this franchise can take in this medium.

Some anime short series have done the same thing, but using the GameCube Pokemon Colosseum would make a great premise in a standalone animated series. Already spin-off, ColiseumThe unique premise, original cast of characters and taking place in a completely different region means it wouldn’t have much trouble carving out a separate identity from the main anime as Origins did.

2 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Key art from the Twilight Princess remaster featuring a collage of the game's main cast.

With the complexity of The Legend of Zelda universes and various timelines, many of these beloved games could warrant a long-running anime series. Critical praise can describe many games in the series, and those from 2006 Twilight Princess still ranks among the highest levels in the franchise. Focusing on Link’s quest to stop the corrupt kingdom of Twilight from engulfing Hyrule, the Hero of Time alternates between the form of a Hylian and a wolf while aided by the Twili creature Midna.

Praised for being narratively and mechanically unique, this darker tale would make for a gripping fantasy epic in TV form. There’s plenty of material in the story to flesh out in an animated show, and the perspective of a studio giving a tasteful take on Twilight Princess‘ The art direction would also be a visual feast.

1 Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Serpents

Liquid and Solid Snake back to back in MGS: The Twin Snakes Key Art.

Although Hideo Kojima’s brainchild gained traction on the original PlayStation, the remake of Solid metal gear was only released on GameCube as The twin snakes. The franchise as a whole has certainly seen better days due to Konami’s neglect, but an anime adaptation with similar art direction to Netflix and Powerhouse Animation Studio. Castlevania could be just the format to get something else for that IP address.

A serialized story would arguably be best to do justice to this complex (sometimes convoluted) plot, and it would be a great excuse to bring back fan-favorite voice actor David Hayter as Solid Snake. Sony distributes a live action Solid metal gear film starring Oscar Isaac, but as tempting as it sounds on paper, the development limbo it’s been trapped in isn’t encouraging.

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