10 Nintendo Games That Need Their Own Anime

Nintendo is one of the most popular video game companies. their original intellectual properties then defined their respective genres and mediums. Almost all of their games and characters are household names, familiar to many generations. Although their popularity is largely due to their meticulous approach to game design, the stories and characters that populate the games also have an impact on this.

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Many Nintendo games have locales, settings, and themes that would lend themselves well to other media. franchises like The Legend of Zelda, Kirbyand F-zero have already received manga or anime adaptations. However, there are specific games in Nintendo’s historical catalog that would make for interesting and engaging anime. If these Nintendo games were to be adapted into anime, they would really showcase the creativity of the game’s vision and writing.

ten Splatoon is dynamic, colorful and simple

Humanity has come to an end. This is the age of the mollusk. Inklings and Octolings roam the Earth in their colorful post-apocalyptic cities. Splatoon originally focused more on the conflict between races, with an emphasis on war, but a lighter anime could be made of it. Based solely on the PvP of the game, the foundations of an offbeat sports anime can be found.

A Splatoon the anime would emphasize friendly competition while being extremely dynamic and vibrant. The action lends itself well to the strength of anime as a visual medium. The game’s electronic music would also enhance the anime’s pacing and levity.

9 Super Smash Bros. Subspace Emissary Brawl is already an epic

One of the most notable inclusions to Brawl Super Smash Bros. is its new adventure mode: Subspace Emissary. It’s a long and intertwined story that pits Nintendo’s most famous characters against each other. Unlikely friendships are forged, famous villains like Ridley and Bowser show up, and fun trips are arranged.

An animated adaptation of Brawl Super Smash Bros. could really flesh out the premise. This would give audiences more backstory on specific heroes. For those who don’t know Child Icarus, Pit might not be the most recognizable name. Anime can rectify this by giving characters more room to define who they are.

8 The most unlikely slice of life anime can be found in WarioWare

WarioWare is a wacky collection of mini-games loosely related to the idea that Wario tricks his friends into making cheap games to sell. It has an incredibly strong presence with tons of goofy characters. As an anime, this could be an incredible slice-of-life series with a heavy emphasis on the gag. Each episode could focus on a game or two, showing the many stupid ways these games go wrong.

The casting would be the main selling point of a WarioWareanime. From the young witch Ashley to the charming mother 5-Volt to the scheming madman Wario, the anime would boast of an array of characters who would always add something new to each episode.

seven Metroid Prime Would Be Moody Action Movies

Metroid Prime is known for its atmosphere and 3D movement. The world of metroid was previously tied to its 2D visuals, so a 3D first-person shooter was going to appeal to skeptics. Fortunately, Prime is able to bridge the gap. The emphasis on a close first-person perspective really highlights the feeling of isolation throughout the game.

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Whether Metroid Prime was to be adapted into an animated film, the story must reflect the hostility and loneliness of the game. Creative liberties would have to be taken to allow Samus to express her thoughts, but that cannot eliminate the constant danger ‘surrounded. Done right, this anime could be a classic for the action and horror genres.

6 A classic fantasy anime is in Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance

The range for Fire Emblem: Path of Shard is titanic. It involves the politics of several warring kingdoms, fulfills a need to combat racial prejudice, and has many distinct characters. It is a journey through the land of Tellius. The story is packed with action and dialogue.

An animated adaptation of Fire Emblem: Path of Shard it would take several seasons to portray it properly. However, each episode would be a pleasure to watch. The witty and nuanced dialogue would enhance the likability of the main characters. Ike is a fantastic main character for an anime. The action would give him a sense of grandeur that would help him pull off an animated sequel: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

5 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a throwback to the classic adventure anime

Of all the games The The Legend of Zelda franchise, The awakening of the wind is the most whimsical and expressive. Its cel-shaded graphics give it a cartoon feel. The link of this game is also the friendliest. He’s not a chosen warrior. He’s just a kid trying to save his sister. Along the way, he meets countless other people who help him understand who he should be.

It is possible to make an anime on The awakening of the wind who honors his heart. Anime like Osamu Dezaki treasure island where the various shows of the World Masterpiece Theater set the formula for an animated adaptation of TheWindwaker- a genuine heart, wandering adventures and an adorable cast.

4 The cozy warmth of Animal Crossing everyday: New Leaf

Nintendo has never made an experience more enjoyable or comfortable than when they created animal crossing. It’s a lovely world filled with cute buildings, adorable recurring characters like Isabelle, and an engaging life simulator. Players build a quaint town from the ground up that is home to many endearing NPCs. Some fans love everyday tasks such as fishing and collecting bugs. Others are proud of the beauty they can render their cities.

animal crossing is the perfect setting for a bucolic slice-of-life anime. Everything is relaxing there. It can mirror the mood and pacing of other anime like Relaxed camp. Reinforcing the simple joys of living, Animal Crossing: New Leaf would be a calming anime.

3 A linear approach to The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

One of the most famous games of the last decade, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a liberating open-world experience that pushes the franchise forward in new and exciting ways. It puts the gameplay firmly in the hands of the players. His map is completely open because the Grand Plateau is complete. Its physics engine allows for some of the silliest and most satisfying interactions in the franchise. This game has the deepest combat system ever. The Legend of Zelda.

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However, the freedom found in breath of the wild has a price. History is secondary to experience. The game is full of characters and stories that deserve attention. An anime would be a great way to showcase them. This could streamline the narrative to put more emphasis on the rhythms and patterns of the story.

2 Pokémon enters the Anime Isekai trend with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

The Pokemon The franchise already has a hugely successful and long-running anime series. However, they are always ready to make spin-off series or movies that are not related to the base anime. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight a nugget from their catalog.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon takes place in a world full of words Pokemon. The main character is mysteriously transported there and wakes up Pokemon. Isekai anime are extremely popular these days, so this entry would fit right in. She has a great sense of adventure while reinforcing the need to help others when possible.

1 Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the school reunion gone wrong

The last entry of Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a mix of popular school life simulators and turn-based strategic combat. It takes it Character approach while retaining its core. Enemy kingdoms are always at the center of the story. In fact, this is the anchor of the tragedy of the game. All future leaders and important personalities attend the same school and interact with each other. A skirmish in the middle of the game exposes the flaws in the system and tears the students apart.

Unfortunately, the story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is too large for the game to handle. The Black Eagle itineraries could have been fleshed out better. An anime with multiple seasons could easily solve this problem and allow for the lush story of Three Houses blossom.

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