10 Nintendo Games That Are Better When You’re An Adult

There are more and more names emerging as iconic developers and creative minds in the gaming industry, but there are also certain titans who have been around for decades, like Nintendo. Nintendo is still one of the biggest first-party developers in the industry, and their consoles continue to redefine gaming with their ambitious ideas.

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However, much of Nintendo’s content is aimed at younger audiences. While this is true, there are also plenty of games that become noticeably more satisfying and gain greater depth when they are experienced as an adult.

ten Mother 3 is a staggering feat of emotional storytelling

Klaus leads the way in Mother 3

by Nintendo Mother franchisee, also known as Earthbound, features some of the most groundbreaking RPGs of its generation. The games take on a modern, urban setting as opposed to the heavy fantasy worlds that typically fill the genre. Mother 3 is one of best games on game boy advance, and even though its protagonist, Lucas, is a child, it still presents a very adult story. All final battles across the Mother the series are transformed into introspective and emotional experiences. Mother 3it is The conclusion asks some deep, probing questions that aren’t expected in a video game, and they probably won’t have such a big impact on a younger audience.

9 The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Story Rewards Intrepid Explorers

Guardians of Breath of the Wild

Basically, Nintendo The Legend of Zelda the games are designed for all audiences, and while they may feature challenging gameplay and puzzles, they are still games that young audiences can complete effectively. Zelda the games got progressively bigger and more mature, and the Nintendo Switch breath of the wild is the top. The sprawling open-world title gives the player enormous freedom in what they choose to explore and when. The adults are the ones who will walk every inch of the world and make the most of the hidden lore and details of history that are hidden.

8 The Metroid Prime trilogy has Samus struggling with her own corruption

Video Games Metroid Prime Samus Corrupted Energy

by Nintendo Metroid Prime Trilogy, which started on the Gamecube and ended on the Wii, transformed the iconic action-adventure series into a moody first-person shooter to great acclaim. Gender change presents an inherently more mature nature metroid experience, but the games are full of nuances that are better suited to more mature gamers.

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Metroid Prime 2 and 3 grappling with surprisingly nihilistic themes for a metroid game, where Samus herself becomes a liability. Some of the darker aspects of Metroid Prime the series are contained in Samus analyzes the logs of her environments.

seven Eternal Darkness’ Message Is Tailored For Cosmic Horror Readers

Power of the Occult in Eternal Darkness

Original titles ranked by maturity on Nintendo consoles are rare, but they usually prove to be standout entries in the horror genre. eternal darkness is one of survival horror’s most creative spins, and it’s a tragedy that remains locked away like a Gamecube exclusive. Players can recklessly hack and fight their way through evil monsters in eternal darkness, but the game draws heavily from the works of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, giving adult cosmic horror fans more opportunities to latch onto this game and its themes.

6 Skies of Arcadia: Legends is exceptional storytelling in a polished package

Arcadian sky was one of the biggest and best throwback RPGs on Sega’s ill-fated Dreamcastbut luckily the GameCube was able to help bring the challenging title to a wider audience with their update. Skies of Arcadia: Legends. The GameCube RPG adopts a cute aesthetic that appeals to younger audiences, but there’s a mature story where Vyse and his lowly sky pirates try to stop a corrupt empire from dooming the world with ancient weaponry. Young players could get by Arcadian skybut the density of this adventure is better suited to adults who want to experience the rich world well and understand the complex struggles of the heroes.

5 Sweet Home Sets the Setting for Resident Evil and the Survival Horror Genre

Screenshot from Sweet Home video game

The survival-horror genre may have reached a terrifying level of immersion, but the original Famicom system sweet home helped establish the foundations of horror gaming and would become an important influence on Resident Evil.

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There may be simplistic controls and graphics in this murder mystery game, but sweet home still stands, and it’s full of many secret horrors to uncover. sweet home is at its best when players solve all of its mystery and correctly understand the game’s morbid events.

4 Geist tackles too many complex ideas for a fast-paced shooter

Video games Geist Gamecube Shooter

Geist is a heartbreaking sci-fi shooter that brings together many ideas, not all of which come together, but the end result is one of the most unique shooters for the GameCube and a mature rated rare game. As for shooters, Geist isn’t the best the genre has to offer, but it’s the game’s approach to futuristic dystopia, spiritual possessions, and contrasting gravity that give it its charm. There’s a lot to enjoy in Geist, and adults may be better able to connect the dots and separate good ideas from poor quality controls.

3 Fatal Frame: Maiden Of The Black Water Is A Solitary And Depressing Horror Experience

Screenshot from Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

the fatal frame the survival horror series has never found the same success as the resident Evil and silent Hill games, but it’s remarkably consistent in terms of quality and always churning out horrifying new sequels. Nintendo has turned into a strange home for the later fatal frame entriesand both Lunar Eclipse Mask and Damsel of Black Water are quite scary. The fifth and final entry, Damsel of Black Water, unpacks heavy subject matter when it comes to depression, suicide, and human sacrifice, while drawing inspiration from haunting Japanese folklore.

2 Captain Rainbow rewards the older generation of Nintendo who grew up with their games

captain rainbow

rainbow captain is one of the strangest and the most entertaining games on the Nintendo Wii, but it was its many eccentricities that prevented the title from being localized outside of Japan. The darkness of rainbow captain seems oddly fitting in a way, since the original title examines a low-level superhero’s attempts to improve his reputation by solving problems with Nintendo’s forgotten mascots. Mimin Island is full of ex-Nintendo heavy hitters, giving the game a fun, self-aware sense of humor. The game is aimed at a younger audience, but many of the jokes related to classic NES icons will only resonate with adults.

1 Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition creates an amazing world of wonder

Xenoblade Chronicles has more varied settings

The sprawling Xenolame the saga made its way to various Nintendo consoles until it finally found its way to the Switch in its purest form, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. Nintendo is no stranger to ambitious RPG experiences, but Xenoblade Chronicles tells a powerful story about two warring titans who become the origins of a whole new world of life. Xenoblade Chronicles is very complex in terms of gameplay and story, but there are many additional details when it comes to the world-building of the series. Children will rush into the adventure, while adults will take the time to savor the many intricacies with awe.

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