10 Best Nintendo Games of the 2000s

Many prolific developers have helped shape the industry with their creative contributions and Nintendo remains one of the biggest names in video games.

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Nintendo goes its own way and caters to different gaming trends than Sony and Microsoft prioritize. The 2000s was an important decade for Nintendo which included the end of the Nintendo 64 run as well as the entire Gamecube library as well as the golden years of the Wii. However, some Nintendo titles from the 2000s are definitely superior to others.

ten Super Mario Sunshine reinvents the platforming formula and is a real challenge

Nintendo has plenty of coveted franchises, but few have the acclaimed trail of their Super Mario series. More mario games represent the best deals on their respective consoles, but the Gamecube Super Mario 64 successor, Super Mario Sun, received a more mixed reception.

Pivoting to Mario’s new FLUDD water mechanics has a bit of a steep learning curve, but those who don’t give up on the game will experience a rich and unique platformer. The reputation of Super Mario Sun has improved over time and many recognize the risks involved. This is one of the most difficult main lines mario Games.

9 The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker Is The Perfect Synthesis Of Style And Substance

The Legend of Zelda became another of Nintendo’s most consistent performers. There are some particularly satisfying Zelda games from the 2000s and titles like Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess are classics of their respective consoles. However, the Gamecube The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker became one of the best games in the series and a standout of the decade.

The mechanics of sea travel in Wind Waker are fluid, but the striking cel-shaded aesthetic of the game makes it an even more memorable experience. The iconic look of Wind Waker helped it become a timeless classic.

8 The Metroid Prime Trilogy Remains A Superior Nintendo Shooter

metroid is an atmospheric sci-fi action-adventure series that has been around since the original Nintendo Entertainment System. the metroid the games have stayed true to their roots, but there have also been creative pivots that combine the series’ characters and lore with different genres.

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the Metroid Prime the trilogy seamlessly transforms metroid in a first-person shooter and they are collectively some of the best shooters to ever come to a Nintendo console. Each Metroid Prime The game stands on its own, but since the entire trilogy was released in the 2000s, it’s a series of games that feels emblematic of Nintendo’s shifting attitudes over the decade.

7 Super Smash Bros. Brawl isn’t out of control just yet and features a stunning story mode

Nintendo stumbled upon one of its greatest franchises of all time when Super Smash Bros. was released on the Nintendo 64. Now new entries in the crossover fighting series mark every new Nintendo console and they have become some of the most famous fighting games in the genre. The show is only getting bigger, which hasn’t always been the right move for the show and its bloated roster of nearly 100 characters.

Super Smash Bros Brawl, the entry of the Wii, finds the right amount of excess. It’s a solid improvement over the Gamecube Melee, but the addition of the game’s single-player story mode, the Subspace Emissary, is the game’s secret weapon.

6 Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver Recapture the Magic of the Originals in Better Bundles

There’s no end in sight for Nintendo Pokemon series, which successfully migrated from handhelds to home consoles. The show’s collection of spin-offs, anime series, and feature films is only growing.

Each generation of the base series pushes Pokemon before, but there’s a lot of love for Gen II Gold and Money games for the Game Boy Color. These iconic handheld RPGs received robust remakes for their tenth anniversary. The Nintendo DS’ Pokemon Heart Gold and SoulSilver are satisfying updates to the original games and as well as a great encapsulation of why Pokemon has been going on for so long.

5 Pikmin and its successor enter the real-time strategy genre with joy and passion

Nintendo has a strong track record for taking certain genres of games that can polarize certain audiences and finding ways to make them more accessible and appealing to young people. the pikmine The games are Shigeru Miyamoto’s playful take on the real-time strategy genre, but he immerses himself in brilliant alien worlds with diminished perspective.

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Both pikmine and its first sequel were among the biggest Gamecube releases during the 2000s. There was a long dormant period for pikmine, but it has recently come back strong, which is a testament to the legacy left by the original games.

4 Eternal Darkness is a creepy survival horror game that knows how to get under the player’s skin

Nintendo has a reputation for being a more family-friendly game developer, but they’ve still produced revealing titles with mature notes that only stand out more as a result. Nintendo benefited from a number of once-exclusive Gamecube survival horror titles during the 2000s. This included some essentials resident Evil games, but there are also eternal darkness, a title that fell into oblivion because it was never reissued after the disappearance of the Gamecube.

eternal darkness goes above and beyond with an anthology-like narrative heavily influenced by the works of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. The game’s disturbing “mental health effects” are still praised for their ingenuity decades later.

3 Paper Mario: The Millennial Door Gets Extremely Playful With Its Genre Experiments

the stupid paper mario The RPG series has slowly racked up over six releases and continues to represent a more playful side of Super Mario. The latest games in the franchise have slowly moved away from traditional RPG elements in favor of gameplay gimmicks, but there’s still a nice voice that’s present in these games.

The Gamecube Paper Mario: The Millennium Gate met with great success with its unconventional structure. Each of Mario’s main missions engages in different gameplay genres that highlight the franchise’s versatility. It is one of the most accessible mario games accordingly.

2 Mother 3 is a masterpiece of RPG storytelling and gameplay

the Earthbound series, known as Mother in Japan, struggled to find a mainstream audience due to its offbeat tone and anachronistic approach to RPG staples. Mother is an NES classic and its sequel has been making waves on the Super Nintendo.

Mother 3 is a Game Boy Advance release that’s a stunning evolution of the franchise’s contemplative themes. A large roster of characters connect to tell a moving story, and the theatrics around the game’s final boss are always a testament to what video games can achieve as an art form.

1 Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel take the platforming series to galactic heights

The 2000s were a pivotal decade for Nintendo Super Mario series. Entries in the series go back to franchise basics for some releases, but there are also huge departures from the norm that result from the Wii’s emphasis on motion controls.

super mario galaxy is proof that motion controls don’t always have to be boring and complement Mario’s actions in an intuitive way. Super Mario Galaxy 2 feels more like an expansion of the original than a full-fledged sequel, but collectively the Galaxy games represent the pinnacle of ingenuity for Super Mario.

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