10 Best Easter Eggs in Nintendo Games

From the very beginning of nintendo, the company has sprinkled hidden Easter eggs in its games that are often hard to spot without doing some research. To spot Mario in Punch !! to play as Master Hand and Crazy Hand in Super Smash Bros Meleethe fan base eagerly ate every egg they could find.

While these subtle surprises are relatively easy to find now using the internet, retro gamers would have to spend days looking for them, something many gamers take for granted in the modern era. Despite these differences, no truly thorough gamer plays a Nintendo game without keeping an eye out for another classic Easter egg, and these are the best out there.


The Metroid Ship in Donkey Kong Land

Of all the things players expected to find in 2014 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical JellySamus Aran’s ship from metroid wasn’t one of them, but what exactly would Samus be doing there?

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Maybe she’s looking to fight everyone’s favorite group of monkeys, or she just ate some bananas. Anyway, the ship is almost completely camouflaged in the background of the game’s first level, Busted Bayou. By a wide gulf and a counterweight crate with the first letter “KONG” inside, this one is quite easy to miss.

Posters in Ocarina of Time

Recognized as one of Nintendo’s best games to date, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has some of the most loyal and detail-oriented fans in gaming history, making Easter egg hunting a requirement for every avid gamer.

After first encountering Princess Zelda as Young Link, if a player is inclined to look at a specific window in Hyrule Castle, small posters of Mario, Luigi, and Bowser can be seen. This admirable reference would appear to be one highlighting Nintendo’s accomplishments since the characters are an exhibit in the castle.

Francis’ room in Super Paper Mario

Once the player has arrived at world 3-4 in Super Paper Mariothey’ll have the chance to peruse Francis’ legendary gaming products, though Francis himself may benefit from getting outside and touching some grass.

Her shelf contains several Easter eggs, such as Yoshi eggs and Pennington and Princess Peach dolls. The biggest of the items he gets, however, is undoubtedly his wide variety of Nintendo consoles. Fans of the game company wish they could have the NES, SNES, purple GameCube, Game Boy, Virtual Boy, and Wii that Francis owned.

Diary featuring Mario in Punch-Out!!

Mario may not be the good man he claimed to be in this hilarious Easter egg. As revered as he is for saving the Mushroom Kingdom, the iconic plumber seems unaware of some of his past responsibilities.

At Mike Tyson’s Punch !!, arguably one of the best sports games on the NES, some of Mario’s private life seems to have been exposed. After beating Super Macho Man, a certain person with a mustache can be seen in one of the diary entries, with the caption under his photo reading, “Daddy, come home!”

Play as a master in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Going against Master Hand and Crazy Hand was an absolutely aggravating endeavor for most casual players of Super Smash Bros Meleeespecially with their large, super-powered fingers that go wild with deadly but comedic advances.

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The good news is that by docking your controller in the GameCube’s third slot while simultaneously pressing the A and B Buttons, any gamer can regain all the pride they lost fighting evil bosses. With this awesome easter egg, controlling Master Hand is as easy as it is deeply satisfying.

Play as the duck in Duck Hunt

Have you always wanted to embody a duck in a video game? Nope? Well, that’s a shame, because embodying the duck in duck hunting is great fun. While dodging bullets fired by faceless people, using this easter egg can get quite intense.

To reveal this game mode, the player simply plugs his controller into the console’s second port in “Single Duck Mode”. Experiencing what the game’s ducks feel when instead of being the shooter is an interesting shift in perspective to say the least, and coming out unscathed is a challenge in itself.

Super Mario RPG is not only considered one of the most classic and best retro RPGs of all time, but has a ton of easter eggs scattered throughout the game’s many locations, two of which are particularly memorable.

The first can be found after staying at the Rose Town Inn for the first time, where Link is seen asleep in a bed. Talking to him causes the “secret discovery” sound effect of The Legend of Zelda be played. Also, after earning the game’s fifth star, Samus is seen sleeping in the guest bedroom of Mushroom Kingdom’s castle, resting up for “Mother Brain”.

Some Easter eggs take years to discover, but this one is on a whole different level. After winning a contest held by Nintendo Power in the 1990s, a man named Chris was given the opportunity to put his name in a future NES game.

The The Legend of Zelda the game that was chosen to bear his name recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, A link to the past. In this hidden room, which could only be revealed by using Pegasus Boots to increase the speed needed to reach it, deposited 45 blue rupees with a plaque reading “My name is Chris Houlihan. This is my top secret room. Keep it between us, okay? »

Luigi’s strange shadow in Luigi’s mansion

By far, the darkest Easter egg in any Nintendo game can be found in the spooky masterpiece that is Luigi’s Mansion. The fan-favorite game puts Luigi completely out of his element in an inspiring and courageous way.

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Boo loves messing with Luigi’s head throughout the game, but there are times when he goes overboard. During a scene where Luigi answers an insidious phone call, his shadow can be seen hanging in mid-air from a certain camera angle. While this could very well be the work of a glitch that has been retained in the game, the odd feeling it produces hits near you.

10 hidden games in GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007the closest thing to violence playable on the N64, is a game that has tons of cool dynamics and exploitative cheat codes that amp up the gaming experience.

This game is worth every penny for more than one reason. Perhaps the most impressive qualities of golden eye are the secret emulator hidden in its programming. Ten entire games are buried under walls of code just waiting to be the player’s entertainment, only accessible by running the famous game with an N64 emulator.

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