If you are new in Thailand and wondering how to become well acquainted with the place, mobile apps will be your guiding light. There different mobile apps function as essential utility and prove to be of great help. Whether you are searching for a transport, or places where you can go, instant news of Thailand, everything can be easily reached with mobile apps.

Here is a Thai Guide App for you.

  • App For Your Hunger

Food Panda is the app where you can order food and get it delivered at your doorstep. Also, apps like Eatigo and Wongnai help you in locating restaurants. Also, you can book your table through app and enjoy hustle-free dinner at the best restaurant in Thailand.

  • Find Entertainment In Just One Click

There are apps that will ensure that you never spend a moment in boredom in Thailand. The entertainment Thai guide app has Major Cineplex, Trip Advisor, Visit Thailand and apps for music that will efficiently utilize your leisure time.  

  • Learn With Mobile App

Learning a foreign language is tough. What is more difficult is to then communicate with people. You cannot buy things, ask for help, or anything because you do not know how to convey the same. The app Thai Dictionary+ helps in translating into the country’s language. So pay heed to the Thai guide app and download Thai Dictionary+ now.

  • App For Navigation

No clue about directions? Are you lost most of the time? Then, make use of the various navigation apps like Thailand GPS and keep yourself on the right route.